Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Random Conversations (The Incredible Edition 2)

Oh this is funny, I just remembered this as I was reading that last post from the other day.

Munchkin was watching the "gedibuls" in her room the other night while I was working and it got to that line that we got such a laugh out of, and I said again, "IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU, BOB!!"

Then Munchkin responds in all seriousness, as if she's given it an incredible amount of thought, "It's not about Bob, it's about the FAMILY!"

And then I picked my jaw up off the floor and said, "You're right, sweetie, it's about the family."

Some days I find myself repeating over and over, "She is three. She is three. She is THREEE!"

Seriously. How does she understand some of this stuff? I know some adults who still don't get that concept. LOL.

Anyways. Thought that was quite interesting.

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  1. How sweet!! What a mature thing to say for a 3 year old!! LOL!! I have out of blogville for a little while and I need to Ketchup on your blog!! :)


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