Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Bed....and other random stuff


Obviously I'm not finished yet. No headboard. But this bed set is SOOOOO adorable. I love it. As you have probably figured out by now, I'm behind on all of this. The bed has been done for like.....5 days now? No, tomorrow would be seven....hehe. Oooopsss. Anyways, progress has been made since this picture, but the time span between finishing steps on the project and getting pictures taken and uploaded is growing much farther apart. LOL.

I did not take pictures yet, but tonight....finally.....I finished recycling her yucky black curtains. I bought a pink twin sheet set that was on clearance that matches the darker pink in her bed and used the flat sheet to cover all but the tabs on top. I think I might try to think of something to do with the black tabs now, but for now, I finally got those curtains finished. My fingers are KILLING me. I don't have a sewing machine. No, don't worry, my name isn't Martha. I didn't sew the whole thing by hand, but I'd say I sewed half of the project by hand. The other half was using that liquid stitch stuff. But the liquid stitch doesn't work on some kinds of trim and for the top section I wanted to reinforce it with thread in case the liquid stitch doesn't hold. Anyways. I hung them in the dark tonight after she was already asleep, so I don't have pictures, nor do I know what they're going to look like in the daylight, but they will be what they are b/c I'm not doing anything else to the part I've finished already. ROFL. Seriously....I finally went and got KC's needle-nosed plyers to pull the fat end of the needle through the layers of material and trim. It was killing my fingers and I couldn't grip it tight enough to pull it through. Bwahaha...I'm probably the ONLY person in the world to use PLYERS to sew plain ol material for curtains. Hehehe.

Anywho. So this has been an extremely busy weekend. Friday, I had a dr appt at 8:30, made arrangements for Munchkin to get her teeth cleaned in a couple of weeks, filled prescriptions, met another foster mom for lunch and let the kids play while we visited, came home and put the munchkin down for a nap (oh, yeah, I kept her with me all day. she BEGGED me to keep her out of school and let her go to the Gaguh...which is DOCTOR in munchkinese....with me), and then threw some clothes in a bag, worked on munchkin's curtains, and then as soon as KC got home, we headed down to his mom's.

From there....well.....we drove down to AuntC & UncleR's near Atlanta (in the extremely torrential precipitation, which despite the difficult road conditions, I will not complain about it) for their yardsale. Yes. You read that right. We drove four hours in pouring rain through Friday night work traffic in Greenville down to Atlanta for a yard sale. Dedication, people! Haha. Well, okay, so it's not so much dedication, as it was family. Not to mention that this particular branch of our family is where my dear hubby get's his wonderful knack for decorating. Seriously, if AuntC decorates it, chances are pre-tty high that KC (and myself, of course) are going to think it's pretty cool. And they are they had TONZ of awesome stuff in their yardsale. I don't think there was one square inch of free space in our vehicle coming back. Anyways, so we got up this morning, helped them carry all the stuff out and set it up and then we hit the road back home. We were home by 12:30.

Oh, did I mention that we were up late last night? Like....really late? Like the munchkin didn't want to go to sleep cuz she might miss something? was the latest she's EVER stayed up since she's been with us!!! MIDNIGHT. And we were up at 6:30 this morning. SHE was up at 6:30 this morning. Do you want to talk about the 4 hour ride home? Uh. yeah. Me either.

No, wait. Do you want to talk about the entire rest of the day? Uh. Yeah. Me either. Nah, she wasn't THAT bad, considering the circumstances.

At one point today she told me, "You BAD, mommy! Me not HOVE you!"

LOL. I just calmly said, "I'm not the one with the attitude here, and I'm sorry you feel that way." Haha.

But it was all better tonight. I cuddled with her in her big girl bed to put her to sleep tonight, and we were laying there and I was all holding her and all and she snuggles down in my arms and pulls my arms tighter around her and says, "I WIKE you, mommy! You wike me, too?"

"Yes, baby, I like you. and I LOVE you, TOO!!!"

"Me hove you, too, mommy! And daddy. And mawmaw. And pawpaw. And nonna and poppa. Goo-night mommy. You weave the douw open?"

"Goodnight, sweetie, yes, I'll leave the door open."

"Kayyyyy......" trailing off into sleep


Moments like that. Seriously.

Anyways, so we got back from Atlanta, came in and showered and then went to a cookout with some folks from church. Got home and cleaned the house a bit and finished those curtains and then there was munchkin's bedtime and now I'm here.

*huge sigh*

I'm exhausted.

And I'm going to go surf the internet and stuff now. LOL.

Goodnight. By the way.....

Me WIKE you, peoples. *grin* Thanks for the comments, prayers, and encouraging comments. Much appreciated. =)

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  1. Me wikes you too! BTW The bedspread is similar to Keilani's and she has the same Build-a-bear. So when Keilani came into room and saw the picture on the post, she was like... HEY! That looks like my room!


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