Sunday, May 13, 2007

First Mother's Day wasn't too bad. I still wasn't comfortable going to church this morning.....last year we skipped church on Mother's Day just cuz it's awkward and for myself, I hate being included as a mother with no children (see this post -- paragraphs 4, 5, & 6....although that incident did not happen on mother's day, similar ones have been known to happen on days like that.) And I know it's good intentions, but it doesn't make it easier....hence the reason I skipped last year. Just make it easier on everyone. So this year we went.

In a way it wasn't easier b/c I still feel the hurt of not being a biological mother, but in another way, it was very touching when Punkin lined up with all the other kids and got a carnation and then started walking back to me and then saw me and started running and squealing, "mommy! Look! Here, mommy!!!"

Course by the time she got to me, the stem had broke in three places from the running....and then she decided that she really didn't want to give me the flower, she'd rather keep it herself. LOL. I didn't mind. She also didn't want to give me the card she made in sunday school for mother's day. She wanted to give it to daddy. The little rascal. Guess that means that I get the Father's day card. LOL! Poor mommy. Got slighted twice. Oh well. It's the thought that counts. And by the time we arrived at Mawmaw & Pawpaw's for lunch, this is what it looked like:


So speaking of how cute she was today....I HAVE to share this picture that I took while we were waiting at Mawmaw's for Mawmaw and Pawpaw to get back from church. I blurred her face, but I may remove this picture in a couple of days anyways. But she was just adorable in this skirt that I got during my bargain hunting on Saturday. Two bucks. Can't beat that! Nuff said. Here's the picture:


PS The funny shape of the blur that is her head is b/c of the pigtails, not cuz she has a weird shaped head. LOL. I wish I could show her head cuz she had cute little butterflies on her pigtails and everything. She was just adorable this morning. But.....*huge sigh*......if I bend the rules any further, they will break and I can't do that. So catch this pic while it's here....I'll probably go back and delete these in a few days, just to be safe. Cuz you know....I'm a paranoid freak. About mostly everything.

Some things, of course, are breaking the rules of driving. ROFL. Ask "Nik-ni" how many times she nearly had a heart attack from my driving on Saturday. LOL. I mean, there is my usual driving, and then there is my "oops, I saw a yardsale sign back that way....let's just ______ (insert appropriate illegal maneuver here)" style of driving. Now mind you, I wasn't careless while doing this, I made sure not to, like, you any of the unsafe "slam on my brakes and cause the car behind me to crash into me just so I could turn into the yard-sale" type of illegal maneuvers, but I did do a couple of U-ies, ran a few red lights, etc. At one point, I actually did two illegal moves in order to avoid making one illegal turn. ROFL.

See, there is this one light in town that says no left turn at this intersection, but I needed to go down that road and it wasn't one way or anything, so I turned right and did a quick U-ey so I could go straight through and not do the illegal left turn, only by the time I finished that quick U-ey, the light had turned I took a right again and did another U-ey and then turned right again at the light which was green. Let me see if I can draw a quick illustration in Photoshop.....

Okay...pardon the crude you can see, this no left turn makes no sense, as all the other lanes can turn...... so here we were coming up to the intersection and I need to go down that way.


So here is how I did it.....hey. There were no signs that said no U-turns. And I was careful. There was traffic, but I waited until it was clear.


In case you couldn't figure it out, the red dotted line is how we went. And the red and green dots in the intersection stand for lights. Okay, so I won't sign up to illustrate the textbooks for driver's ed already. Sheesh....with my driving skills, I probably wouldn't even be allowed within 100 yards of potential drivers. LOL. Or their textbooks. Hahaha!

And now that I've ensured that no one will ever willingly ride with me again, (although I promise I will try to curb my bad driving habits for the faint of heart that might ride with me), that's about all I have to say for tonight. Tomorrow is Monday. Joy of all joys. Wait, wait, wait.....let me try to get a grip on my excitement here.....I'm having a tough time containing it. (please note, that was sarcastic....LOL!)

Here's hoping it will be a good week....

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  1. That skirt is too cute! And I remember dreading Mother's Day. I was 27 when we adopted Keilani and I used to wake up crying, and went to bed crying. I remember those emotions so vividly I even blogged about them a little bit even though I am a mom now. And your driving - uh - impressive, really. :)


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