Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Emotions that have been present at some point during this day.....

1. Heartbreaking sadness - Driving to work this morning, I saw a car pulled over and a girl walked into the road and pulled a border collie that must have just gotten hit off the road. It must have gotten away b/c she grabbed the leash attached to it's collar and dragged it over to the ditch. It was terribly sad.

2. Blah-ness - it has rained all day and it's a mopey feeling. Especially when you have to be at work and not in bed or curled up on the couch. Yuck.

3. Surprise - I didn't hate him. (If you happened to catch my hateful vent before I deleted it back in January, or perhaps if you read this post then you'd know we were getting a new GM at work. Anyways. He started today.) So I'm still not quite happy with the decision and I still don't know if I'm gonna like him or not, but I was quite surprised that I didn't dislike him as much as I thought I would. Funny thing about the whole thing is, there are a lot of extremely brown noses around the place lately....kinda getting a little stinky, tis. FYI, my nose is white as ever. That is, unless you're looking at the lovely blackheads. Teeehehe. TMI?

4. Irritation - yes, this is a daily thing, I do believe. Today's was with the computer not doing what I wanted it to do when I was trying to work on the ad design....which isn't in my job description. LOL. Oh well. I ain't mad about it.

5. Happiness - that would have been about lunchtime....went to the veggie place and DIDN'T run into the dirty old man (who, in case any one cares -- and please, no hateful comments -- according to my excellent sources, actually IS a dirty old man and frequents the place pretty regularly...and is probably fairly harmless). Oh and did I mention that the veggies were delish? Yeah. Well.

6. Amusement - when a lady who works down the hall from me (and is constantly picking on me...and vice versa of course) came into the hall I was very noisily clomping down and many pairs of dutch clogs do you have? Well. It was funny. Guess you just had to be there. LOL

7. Extreme joy - when I got to the library and the librarian said they had a new Dee Henderson book in that was already checked out but she'd put it on hold for me and call as soon as it came in. I love that the librarians know me and love me. They're always doing nice things like ordering books that I want to read....and waiving fines (although I certainly pay my share...hehe)

8. Panic - when i was driving home and hit the brakes to get ready to turn and realized the car was hydroplaning....thank God it was in the country and no one else on the road out there and I wasn't going that fast so I was able to regain control pretty quick. Not a pleasant feeling.

9, pleasure - when KC walked in with the pizzas and said I looked nice today. Nice was a bonus...the pleasure was from not having to cook. Heh!

10. frustration - that I can't think of three more emotions that occurred today. LOL.

Okay, so it's the thursday ten. Sue me. Actually, don't. So don't sue me. Okay?


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  1. LOL! I have wanted to stop at 10 before, but was afraid to be "sued" as well! LOL! A few years ago, my mom's dog was hit by a semi - and we saw it happen. It was so sad and I can still hear the horn of the truck and my mom's crying.


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