Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Been a Few Days

Well....I decided since I removed that last post...er...hateful vent, I'm not going to put it back up. Although I was tempted, in an effort to be more mature about it (unlike the whiney idiots who brought on my irritation....oops...sorry....that was immature, too, huh? LOL), I'll refrain from further whining.

Don't mean I'm happy with the decision for the new GM, but I guess I'll try to be fair and give him a chance. Maybe not a very big chance, but a chance. However, I don't think my previous faith and respect in the integrity and uprightness of certain of my co-workers was very well placed. I'm quite disappointed. I had greater expectations of some, and it appears that it has been very much mis-placed. Unfortunately. I must confess to some moments of....yes, juvenile thinking....in hoping that this new GM will come in and get under their skin so badly they can't stand it. Yes, that would be poetic justice. Not revenge. Justice. LOL. So sue me. I can't help that the thought brings a moment of evil laughter. *bwahaha*

Okay. Moving right along. Lots of stuff begging to be typed out today but not enough lunch hour to do it in. I'm running over as it is. I guess I'll have to work around this post. Haha.

So we're still working on where to go for vacation this year. KC can't decide and he's blaming it on me. Not my fault that all the places I want to go, he doesn't. Now me....if he doesn't like my idea, no problem, I'll go along with his idea. Except he can't decide. LOL. Love you, honey! Anywhoo.....so we're still debating.

Today I'm enjoying a yumm-i-licious rasberry lemonade from sonic. MMM. In the drinking news, I gave in to the Dr Pepper craving again on Sunday. It wasn't my fault. Really. I wouldn't have really pushed the button at the fountain in the restaurant when I stuck my cup under it, but someone that was with us hit my finger and dumped Dr P in my cup. And you know I couldn't just dump it out. LOL. But I'm not going to get hooked again. Honest.

Speaking of hooked. I was going through my old posts to make sure there were no "duh" moments where I specifically mentioned (or photographed) something that would help people connect the dots in real life and stalk me or anything, when I realized that I quit caffeine in December of 05 and picked it up again in May 06, and then I quit in December 06 for the second time. This is beginning to look like a trend. Haha. I'll just wait until June to pick it up again. hehehe.

I gots lots of babblin' goin on today. Sorry. I'm making up for the missing posts the last five days. LOL. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. JOY. Its just a cleaning but I know I have cavities, so it's inevitable that I will be scheduling some return visits to get that dumb drill poked up in my mouth. I hate that thing. Besides the fact that they never get my mouth quite numb enough, the sound of the stinking thing is like fingernails on a blackboard. It hurts me all the way to my toes. EEEEK. *Dreading it already*

In other news, I hit the jackpot in my blog surfing when I found this link to the 2007 Share The Love Blog Awards. In the nominees (and also in last year's winners), I have found a few new blogs to read. (My subscription list is now up to 119 blogs--in case you wanted to know that) Here are my favorites of these new (to me) blogs: (eventually I'll try to get them linked over in my sidebar, but for now....)

Daring Young Mom - cool sense of humor
Diary of the Nello - funny blog name and some hilarious kid stories
Frog And Toad Are Still Friends - VERY interesting blog name and a way too funny Jan 30th post which sounds SOOO like something I would do.
OutOfMy-Element - I like her writing style. She sounds like someone I would get along well with....at least from the handful of posts that I've had time to read so far. I'll let ya know if my opinion changes in six months. LOL
The Pink Shoe - whoa, she is one crafty chic! Check out her flickr pictures (in her sidebar) of the altered pants remade into OH-SO-CUTE skirts. I might have to try my hand at something like that....or get her to do one for me....she apparently does it for others. TOO cool!
She Says It's Pretty Dumb - What can I say? I'm a sucker for unusual blog titles...hehe. Actually, the reason I subscribed to this one was this post. BWAHAHA!!
Teacher, Mom, Madwoman - a certain connection here....

Okay. That's it for today. It's taken forever to finish this post while working. LOL. Good thing I know how to multi-task. haha.



  1. Hey, good choices! Especially with that Frog and Toad one. Have fun reading!

  2. You mean to tell me you never read the Frog and Toad are friends series????
    GO GET THEM!!!!

  3. I'm so glad you like my skirts! And. I like your other blogs you've highlighted here - Nello is one of my favorites, and Daring Young Mom is on all my mom-type-friends blogrolls. And. I think your blog is cute! I've so bloglines'd you.


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