Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Scattered thoughts

truth be told, most of my posts should probably be titled that.....

stayed busy at work today....kinda got a bit aggravated at some lack of communication issues at work. I won't go into detail, but its kinda sad, given the type of business I work in, that we have so many "communication" issues. Anyways, I had a misunderstanding of some mail deadline requirements that is causing our mail drops to be sent later than I had originally thought. Had I known that the files needed to be there earlier in order to be completed by the date I thought they were supposed to go, I would have made sure to get them there in time. Now, it doesn't all hinge on my files, but without ALL the parts, things just don't work. I really don't want to be the gear that causes the breakdown though. *sigh*

Oh, the good news is that I'm almost halfway through the InDesign textbook. I only slammed my fist on the desk in frustration a couple of times today. LOL. I just am having problems with the graphics and moving the graphics around inside the frames and resizing using selection and direct selection. I just can't seem to get it to work like the textbook says it's supposed to. Anyways, I finally got it done right (although doing it again later without the textbook is slightly "iffy") and moved on. Now I'm working on the text and styles. I like THAT stuff. Totally cool, all the things that InDesign will do with text and paths and that jazzy stuff. It's almost tempting to start using ID instead of PS, for all the cool things you can do with the text AND graphics...not to mention how you can import PS files into ID documents. Pretty nifty. I wonder if you can save .idd files as .jpgs?? Maybe it will get into that later in the textbook.

On the foster parenting front, I ran into our social worker at the grocery store last night and got to talking to her for a few minutes. She said that our original licensing worker (C) has been promoted and they're in the process of hiring someone to replace her, but for now, she (RK) is our worker. She also said that out of the MAPP class we were in, we were the first ones to be officially licensed...actually, only one other couple so far (besides us) has been officially licensed, and theirs was in the last couple of weeks. I was really surprised. I asked about the others and apparently one couple will definitely be approved (this is the one that surprised me to find out they weren't licensed yet) but they couldn't read the mom's fingerprints, so they had to redo those, which is their only hold up. The one other couple apparently hasn't finished the paper work. One guy was taking the class but he was from a different county, he'll be licensed in his own county. And last....the ones that DIDN'T surprise me.....remember the four individuals I talked about in this post??? Well, they wanted to be licensed apparently, for their "related child" AND to be foster parents. According to R, she "didn't see that happening....either for the relative or other." Interesting. I laughed when she said that. She also said that they have hardly taken ANY kids this year and actually the judges have sent some back home that probably shouldn't have gone home. Apparently this is election year. I have an opinion about that, but not today. But anyways, so she said to just hang in there even though its slow right now. Guess slow in that business is a good thing, right?

Well, need to get to bed. Later....

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  1. Your scattered thoughts deserve a HUGE pat on the back!! The fact that you are still sane on the job, and you are half way through the InDesign book, and well - what can I say about the foster parenting. You are your hubby are awesome!! Like I said, scattered or not, you deserve a pat on the back. Here...





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