Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ooh la la.

And so passes another exciting Saturday.

Friday was very busy. I'm still trying to learn InDesign (one of the new programs in the Creative Suite) and I'm using the InDesign Classroom in a Book and it is definitely a textbook. *sigh* I spent almost two days trying to get through Lesson 2 around the rest of my job. Right now its definitely not sunk in yet. I don't have any problem (well, not much anyways) following the book but when it comes to figuring out on my own for work projects, I'm not sure I'll be able to do it without the step by step: Place the graphic from this file in the box between the two gridlines you just placed at X60p3 and Y16p5 by clicking View > Fit Spread in Window and then File > Place.........or something like that. But you get what I'm saying. Plus, I keep finding inconsistencies in the when it said now that you've used the rectangle FRAME button, we're going to place the next graphic using the plain rectangle and then it goes on to say okay choose the rectangle FRAME button.....and shows the process using the frame for that step. Do huh? No wonder I keep having to go back and read it again. That drives me crazy! LOL. Anyways.

So today we went and picked up the recliner we ordered back in uh....January...the beGINNING of January. So much for 2 weeks. It's nice.

Then we got the wild hair to give both cats a bath. I read in this scrapbooking idea book (yeah I know, strange. But let me explain...) anyways, so it was an idea book for pet pages and I am the kind of person who likes to read the journalling on scrapbook pages that other people have submitted (as opposed to someone who just looks at the pages in general for ideas) and there was this one about this lady who gave her cat a bath and took pictures and scrapbooked it. LOL. The pictures were funny, (and so was the writing) but in the journalling she explained that one of their family members was somewhat allergic to the cat in the house, so every three months they gave the cat a bath and it improved the allergy problem....especially in the weeks right after the bath. So I told KC about it, and we decided maybe that would cut down on our hair problem and possibly prevent us from having to get our long haired cat (Snowball) shaved every few months or so (which costs around $60 each time since she's very uncooperative and they have to give her anesthesia).

Snowball whined a little bit and was generally unhappy, but suffered in silence for the most part through her bath. Then we dried her off and she went to hide under the bed to sulk and lick her wounds (i mean fur). Hehe. Next up was Jango. He was a different story altogether. He is definitely the more vocal of the two. He has got one crazy set of lungs and he wanted the WORLD to know the injustice that was being done. Have you ever heard a cat howl? ROFL! His meows were literally like this: MEEEEEEOOOWWWWRRRRRRRRRRRRWWWWWWW. KC held and I washed and a couple of times we were laughing so hard we could hardly keep working. He's also bigger than Snowball (aka FAT), stronger, and squirmier. *GRIN* Not to mention, when he's mad, his tail whips back and forth and his tail holds a lot of water.....there was water all over the kitchen and we were both soaked by the time we were done. Then KC went and got the camera while I held him. ROFL! It was SOO funny.


Ooooh....he looks kinda irritated....LOL





The frenzied cleaning that went on for hours.....poor baby! Bet his tongue is tired.

Oh and by the way....I called the neighbor yesterday afternoon. The cat is a "she," she made it home, and yes, it was theirs. When I got up Friday morning, the cat wasn't on my back porch anymore, so sometime in the night, she realized she was at the wrong house. Teeehehehe....the funny thing is, she came back to my back porch Friday night and was sleeping in the little cave thing I made when I got home (and she has a house over at the neighbors that has warm bedding in it). *grin* Oh, and my cats were fascinated. They were glued to the back door....especially Jango. I think he's in LUV. Hehehee. She came to the door like she wanted to come in and her and Jango were kissing through the window. Unfortunately they quit by the time I got the camera, but I did get one of him peering out at her. LOL.


Okay this post has been a lot about the kitkats. *sigh* Guess they are the only excitement in my life right now. Although I'm definitely not complaining. Life is good.

I'm outa here for now.

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