Friday, January 19, 2007

Woohooo! Happy Friday!

Love Fridays. Especially busy Fridays b/c they fly by. Yay. Today was a good day except that for some reason every time I kidded around with somebody today, they got grumpy with me. Sheesh. I'm about to get a complex. Apparently no one is in the mood to be kidded with today. *sigh* Either that or its me. Probably me. LOL.

Oh well. Its 2 minutes till five. That makes the day worthwhile.

Now I get to go home and fix supper and my lonesome. KC has a trustee meeting at the steakhouse at six. Lucky dog. Oh well. I've eat out for lunch the last two days, and not off the dollar menu either, so I guess its okay that I'm going home to open a can of beans. Haha.

Maybe I'll post more tonight...I'll probably be bored, so I'll have plenty of time to sit and wait on the stinkin dialup connection. Haha.


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