Friday, January 05, 2007


Short week. Total hours worked this week....uh....3.5. LOL. Except for the fact that I took 26 hours of sick time...and the fact that I really have felt like....well....fill in the would have been an alright week. So I went in to work this morning....stayed till lunchtime. Wasn't a whole lot of pressing duties, plus I still don't feel like doing much so I came home and took a nice long nap. Like I haven't slept enough this week. Oh well. So that was that. I still don't feel great. To those who checked up on me and those who took a moment to comment with sympathy and well wishes....thanks...much appreciated! I'm finally getting around to catching up on all the blogs that are on my bloglines and hopefully will be caught up again soon.

Nothing really exciting in my life to speak of....I still don't really feel normal...not that I ever was... have been... before. (LOL....we rented Pirates II during vacation and that Capt Jack totally cracks me up...that last bit was borrowed from one of his case you didn't know that).

Oh yeah, happy late b-day to my honey....he's not old. LOL. Yet. I tease him that he's always going to be way old to me. LOL. Love you honey...! Sorry I didn't feel like doing more on your b-day....had bigger plans but the recliner stole all my time and energy this week.

So....feeling kinda down about now....gonna chalk it up to being sick....hopefully will feel more cheerful soon. Off to read more blogs.


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  1. I am glad you are feeling a bit better, but hope you are back to 100% soon. Hang in there!


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