Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Things running through my head today...

1. That stupid dream I had last night. Why in the world I'm still thinking about it, I do not know. UGH. It was bad.

2. My blog redecorations. Wally thinks it looks homey/kitcheny (hehehe....see, i did find a way to mention that on here...LOL). Anyways, he said its not as "busy" as the old one and I should leave it. I'm still trying to figure out if I like it or not....kitcheny might be a good description. Maybe I'll tweeeek it up a little. but not right now. Oh, speaking of updates...I updated my sidebar over there a little....and still thinking about adding more.....hmmmm.

3. Work. Right now I'm currently waiting on some quotes to be sent to me so I can get some stuff ordered. I hate waiting.

4. Kids. When are we going to get called. What will I do when we do get called. What I know about formula and baby care could probably fit in a thimble. Well, maybe a BIG thimble. LOL. Well...I learn fast....and I have plenty of friends with babies.

5. Yeah, friends with babies....thats been bugging me again lately. Out of the 3 or 4 dozen couples that we are friends/acquainted with that are in our age/generation....I can count maybe 2 other couples other than ourselves in that group that are not pregnant or don't already have kids. No kidding. I'm happy for them all...really.....but sometimes it just gets to me. I do alright for awhile...then it seems like a whole new batch of prego people pop up (or I guess OUT would be the more appropriate term....LOL....see I still find humor in there....haha).

6. Scrapbooking.....trying to get caught up. My goal for this year is to get all of it caught up....all of it. Saturday is another crop (at my cousin's house this time). Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get the 2005 album finished. Maybe. That would be just LOVELY!

7. Portrait sessions....right now I don't have any scheduled, but have some potential work for this month with the Pregnancy Care Center where my cousin works. Pictures for their annual t-shirt/advertisement. I've ordered one backdrop (a real one....yay for me) and now I'm watching one more on ebay. These ones are "official" to go on my REAL backdrop holder thingy that I got for Christmas. *smiles* I'm excited to try it out.

8. How much I hate doing laundry....I'm always behind. Like now.

9. The housecleaning that is falling behind again now that I'm back at work. The house was so clean all during the holidays...I was home to keep it picked up. In the evenings after work (the few that something else isn't already scheduled) I just don't feel like doing anything except chillin out. *sigh*

10. The fact that I've forgotten the other things that were running through my head and I'm only on number 10.

11. My to-do list that I'm currently trying to keep up with in my head. Right now some of the main things on it are to finish the last few things to be ready in case we do get a call for a kid. Like hang the fire extinguisher that is still in the box (KC is kinda like I am with the housework when he gets home from work...LOL). Oh, and the crib needs the part that holds the mattress up fixed so that it won't fall down when a kid sits on it.

12. The interviewee yesterday for the GM position here at work. I think if he gets the job, I will have to quit. He seemed to have a lot of facial expressions (not to mention he was quite wordy) that would drive me NUTS if I had to be around him on an everyday basis. Please God, I know you're reading this, could you please not let him get it? Not to mention the fact that I got the impression that he was just answering with things the committee wanted to hear....oh well.

13. Susan. She just called me b/c of something I said in the last email I sent her a few minutes ago. I've got to go show her I'm off here to figure out how to do that. LOL.

And there you have it. Scary thing, what goes through my mind. And this is a good day. LOL.


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