Sunday, January 07, 2007


Well. Here's a bit of random for you.

An exerpt of thoughts that run through my head at least once during any given church service. (yes, I know, I'm supposed to be paying attention, but the topic of my thoughts is usually what causes my distraction...hence the thoughts...LOL):

"...I can already tell I'm gonna have to really work at not letting some kids irritate me. Hello, self! You gotta be some kind of crazy to think about taking in foster kids!?!?! You are NUTS, girl! You can't even stand some of these kids here at church; what happens if you get a kid like one of these...they will drive you up the wall!''

Not that all the church kids irritate me, and not that all of the kid antics drive me nuts, but sometimes I'll look at some of these kids and think, "God, I sure hope you don't place a kid like that in our house b/c I might have to hurt somebody and I can't touch them, so that just leaves me." HAHA. I'm kidding, really! But seriously, I have prayed that God places the right child in our house that we'll be able to help and that won't drive us completely crazy, b/c it will definitely have to be Him.

And then sometimes I look at specific kids at church and, what a real sweetheart...if we got a kid like that, it would be great. And then I look at other kids and think...oh Lord, I'd go crazy, please don't let us get one like that. LOL. Anyways. I'm kinda getting antsy, wondering when we're gonna get a call....hence the wondering about what kind of kids we're gonna end up with...LOL. Hi, my name is Faith and I worry. LOL.

So on other things.....I actually did some scrapbooking. I think I'm going to keep track this year. I have a lot of catching up to do, I'm still working on 2005. OW. But I did FOUR pages yesterday...all the way down to the title and journalling. YAY me. I did the Las Vegas trip from August 2005. I've already put all those pictures in their own album (thank goodness, while it was still fresh) so I was able to refer back to that for journalling stuff....I wanted to put those pictures in the chronological album, too. They turned out alright. I haven't been happy with my pages very much lately, so I wasn't expecting these to turn out any this point, I don't care if they're masterpieces, I just want them in there. *grin* Yes, its true...I've turned into the average scrapper. Do I look like I care? Seriously! Better scrapped average than forgotten. And with my memory, if I don't get busy, thats exactly what will happen. I could keep rambling, but I've got to wrap this up. KC has already hit the sack and I've got about 2 seconds if I want to get there before he falls asleep. Oh and Jango is (was) sitting next to the computer desk peering around at me like, hurry and come to bed mummy. LOL. He's so funny.

Speaking of of them is making me mad. Somebody peed in the papasan chair last night. This is getting OLD. I'm not sure if one of them has a bladder problem and doesn't wake up to go, or what...but they never do it in our bed and they both sleep with us a lot. Its strange...and they both normally use the litter box, so I'm not sure what the deal is. Maybe it was KC.....he never has liked that chair. When he saw what happened, his words: "well, that will be perfect, we'll just stick the rocker there....didn't have room for that chair anyways" Yeah, it was a lot of pee, too.....LOL. HMMMM. (i'm just kidding by the smelled like cat i didn't stick my face in it, it was reeking. YUK) =)

Well, the cat's meow is stuck, as it appears to be repeating (irritatingly so)....I think he wants me to get off here, so I'll see ya'll....

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  1. I can so relate to random thoughts during church. What is bad is sometimes I have these random thoughts while I am interpretting (signing) the preaching. Not good. Not good! And sorry about the cat. Again I say, not good... :)


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