Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Okay.....I really hate my desk. Why are desks made for short people. Not that I have anything at all against short people...I know some very NICE short people, but SHEESH already. I cant sit at this stinking desk very long at all before my legs and back start hurting. Right now I'm propping {insert hubby's comment here: "some people are just never satisfied" ARGH....pshaw on him} now what was I saying? Oh yeah, as I type this, I'm slouched down in my chair with my feet propped up on the desk and the keyboard in my lap (gotta love wireless keyboards). Now if I could only find a way to make the corner of the desk not dig into my ankle and find some way to be able to use the wireless mouse comfortably in this position, I'd be all set. Should also note here that I'm at home, not at work. My desk at work is made for tall people. Its like countertop height, so the keyboard tray is almost perfect to the comfortable chair height. My office predecessors always complained, but I LIKE the odd height. It's....odd. Like me. *grin* Maybe thats whats wrong with this desk here at home...it's too normal and average. Well, that and the fact that in order to fit my long legs under it, my chair is practically lowered all the way to the floor, which means my knees are always poking up. Awwww...never mind. This paragraph is growing altogether too long. LOL

So, moving on. Thank you to my faithful friends who have left me comments. I really appreciate knowing you're out there. And for the nice things you said about my scrapbooking efforts....oh, and catching my typos....LOL. Denise, I found that. Oops....don't know how I missed it. Teehehehe.....oh well....keeps me humble I guess b/c I'm forever picking out other people's typos. LOL.

Okay, must insert here that kitkat joining my keyboard in my lap is not increasing the comfort level of my ankle digging into the desk. ARGH. Said kitkat weighs 15 pounds. Owowowowow OW. just a sec...must rearrange before my legs break. oooh....major indentation in my ankle. No wonder it hurt. kitkat shows no signs of remorse at the trouble he's causing.

back to the topic of my blog readers: according to those little things that track visitors, I've got a repeat offender in Newark, OH. Now my hubby is from there, and has family from there, but I can't think of anyone in the family that might know about this thing...not to mention that they haven't said hey. Those little visitor info things are really quite interesting, however, they don't seem to make much sense to me. Like the way that it shows how long someone looked at my blog as zero seconds but they came back 5 times....um....is that for real? I pretty much discount all those that say they came 1 time for 0 seconds, although there have been some of those from very interesting places. Like Prague, Czechlosovakia....did I spell that right? I didn't take time to look it up. I've got a couple of faithful friends from Texas....I'm not positive, but I think they are the ones that are my blog buddies. Anyways, very interesting stuff, statistics. LOL. Too bad I can't figure out how to make heads or tails of it. hehehe.

In case its not obvious by now, this is a very random blah blah out of my head day. To continue the trend, I'll just say that its been a rough couple of weeks. I did great for awhile with every stinkin woman around except me being pg but it seems like the last couple of weeks it's driving me crazy again. I hate it. I especially hate that it makes friendships awkward. *sigh* Its not so difficult to keep a positive attitude when its friends that are not directly around me that are prego but when two due dates are coming up rapidly for two friends at church, it gets a little rougher. I've done made up my mind that there is no way I'm going to subject myself to the two baby showers in the next couple of weeks. One friend I know will understand, she said she would, and she does. The other, I don't feel comfortable saying anything to, so I'll just buy a gift, take it to church and come up with some other pressing duty that requires my presence elsewhere at the time of her shower. Trust me, if I went, and had to sit and watch all the gifts being opened and hear everyone talking about all the details of pregnancy and etc, then I will have some serious issues and they'd wish I hadn't showed up. Better for everyone if I just stay away. *sighhhhhhh* I can't wait for this feeling to smooth back over again so I can go back to being "okay" with not being pregnant. Maybe if we'd just get a phone call with a baby that needs a home....

nahhh....at this point, I guess that is a selfish part of me that says that, not for the sake of helping a child. But then I wonder, is this really just me being selfish to want a child, so that I can be a mom, b/c right now it feels that way. I feel much better when I am not having a hard time over the PG issue. Of course, when I'm not having a hard time over this, I'm selfishly wondering if I really want to have a child that will require me to give up more of my time and effort and money and blah blah blah. Maybe I'm just a horrible person all around. *sigh* Ugh. I'm really trying not to be awful. *sigh*

okay, my cat is KILLING me. every time he moves, the keyboard moves, not to mention my legs are in severe pain again. does it look like he cares? NOPE! And in an effort to end this post on a light note, let me just pause and snap a picture of said kitkat in his killing my legs position for your viewing pleasure. LOL. Please note, I would have tidied my desk for the picture but I'm kinda immobilized at the moment. You're just lucky the camera was in reach. Ha. Oh and don't look at my pale white legs either. Hey, I said DON'T! (Wally, that was for you. Hehehe) LOL. Anyways, blame it on the cat....not the white part, but the fact that they're showing...he's kinda maneuvered all the material in my skirt to make a nice little pocket for him to lay in. Tehehe. Stinkin animal.
Alright, the pain is forcing me to end this deadly long post. If you're still reading, you have my sympathies...you must be bored stiff. either that or you really love me. Hehe. Okay....gotta go. Ow ow ow ow.......................................................... ......................... .................................. ........................................... ........................... .................................................. ............................


  1. Anonymous10:56 PM

    I'm not lookin'.....


  2. Several things...

    1. We have the same keyboard. I so enjoy kicking back with my feet propped up with it on my lap along with my puppy (weighing in at 3 pounds).

    2. I have always thought I was too tall for my desk! But I mostly complain while doing dishes. I think the sink is just a little bit too short and it drives me crazy!

    3. And that is SOO Denise! Gotta love her! (She really is a good friend! And she will keep ya humble!)

    4. I too question my counter; I mean it will say someone read my blog in zero seconds AND left a comment. How is that?

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Hey just so you know, I must luff ya cause I read to the end. LOL


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