Wednesday, January 03, 2007

MIA: me

Me sick. Got sick on last day of vacation. Was supposed to go back on Tuesday. Monday night: puked 7 times (yeah I know, too much information huh?) Tuesday: no puking just terribly sore throat. Wednesday: throat worse. Went to Dr. Me have strep. (to quote the doc....not only do you have it, but it read positive instantly...result time is between 5-7 minutes....just typical for you...all or nothing) No wonder my throat is killing me. Here's what it feels like: take your hand and grab your neck...squeeze until its almost, try to swallow. No, better yet, try to eat. Let me tell ya, I'm HUNGRY. Although after the visit to the doc and stepping on the scales, it looks like that has not been my problem lately. One hundred thirty seven. AFTER puking 7 times and having nothing since but a little soup and some crackers. NOT GOOD. Now I'm sick AND depressed. Oh yeah, and hungry. Oh thats where I've been lately. Doing a whole lot of nothing....and thats what I'm getting ready to do more eyes are getting heavy again. Back to the recliner now.

PS Do you have any idea of what kind of pain a yawn in the middle of strep will cause? case you didn't know, its the kind of pain that makes driving toothpicks under your fingernails seem mild. I've yawned maybe three times in the last three days. UGH...gotta stop talking about yawning, its giving me the urge.



  1. sorry you are so sick! I'll pray for you!
    Missed ya. Hope vacation and your holidays went well.

  2. Oh... you do sound sick. Yucky. Yucky! Hope you feel better soon!


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