Thursday, January 18, 2007


Okay, so I'm cracking up at the comments on my last post. *grin* Tooo funny. But its rather nice actually, b/c I needed a good laugh. Haha.

Yesterday's staff meeting was the kind that makes the temptation to kill somebody (or at least duct tape their mouth shut) very.....well....TEMPTING. LOL. Argh! I sure wasn't laughing last night though. It was so aggravating. It wouldn't be so bad if certain people who don't need to be putting in their two cents anyways would just zip it up and not take up so much unneccessary time. 2 hours and 15 minutes and about 40 minutes of it was worthless. My patience ran out at five after five. At twenty after, I could feel smoke coming out of my ears. It wouldn't have been so bad except it was Wednesday night and I don't have any time to spare on Wednesday I sit through that stinking meeting, get in the car and drive home for another 45, get home and change my shirt, turn right back around and get back in the car to drive 30 minutes to church (grabbed a sandwich at McDonalds to eat while I was driving, since I didn't have any time to eat at home), and then sat through another two hours of church. Then the icing on the cake: it's our week to clean the church, so we stayed after service to ourselves. The people that are on our cleaning team haven't been at church yet this year, I don't think. Course it is only the middle of January. Anyways. *SIGHHHHHH*

The foster parent newsletter came in the mail yesterday. There was a list of the current foster parents in *our county* along with the contact info and all that stuff....including preferences and vacancies in their home. It's kinda like my blog stats...a leetle confusing....but from what I could tell, it looks like there are quite a few vacancies for homes that are wanting babies. The no vacancies....well, they're all the ones that are open to older children. Which is kinda what we knew all along but anyways. We'll get called eventually, I'm sure. I was a little surprised however that we are the only ones on that list from our class. Actually, I was a lot surprised b/c there were several couples that I thought would definitely be approved. Very strange. Some of them, of course, I wasn't surprised about not seeing on the list. LOL. Oh well anyways.

Supposed to be winter weather here today. I'll believe it when I see it. Be nice if it would do something so I could go home early. LOL Oh well

Nothing else happ'nin right now I guess. Need to get to work.


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