Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hump Day

Would be better if it was FRI day but since its not, and since its getting here, I guess I won't complain. Not too loudly anyways. LOL. I don't have much to complain about least my kids aren't sick. My sympathies to my friend, Dawnie, who has recently rejoined the blog-osphere. YAY! (about her blogging again, that is. Teehee)

Speaking of other bloggers, my lil buddy, "Mike" (otherwise known as homeschool girl) blogged a nice little post with a blurb about our choir director. Who happens to be my KC. Who also happens to be "Mike's" sparring buddy.....KC takes great pleasure in tormenting poor "Mike," who has no qualms about returning the barbs. (all in good fun, of course) Anyways, I had to laugh out loud b/c it was so different than her usual voiced opinion of him. Hehehehe. It was great.

So have had a couple of suggestions on my photography name. KC says just keep it simple....go with Always Faith Photography. LOL. "Wally" says call it "Pretty Good Pictures" (which, unfortunately, is already in use as a business name). Pretty Good Photography isn't all over the place, but Pretty Good Pictures sounds better. I dunno. Maybe I will just keep it simple and do the always faith thing. I don't know. *sigh* I guess I got a little time to think about it before changing all the links and stuff....

On that note, don't forget to mark my new site (see the Important Announcement Post for more details). Only 22 days until the changeover and then current link will no longer get you here.

Alrighty then. Guess that's all for today. Have a happy hump day ya'll.

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