Monday, January 22, 2007

Another Monday

Some days it's really hard to do the right thing. And some days it's altogether to easy to do the WRONG thing, which makes it all that much harder to do the right thing b/c first you have to admit you did the wrong thing. *sigh*

I think God must be trying to tell me something about my patience regarding people in meetings that should not be in the meeting to start with, much less doing the amount of talking they seem to feel is necessary (although I have news for them, the amount of talking they're doing is completely NOT necessary.) So yesterday at the church news-letter meeting (in which I have recently been drafted into the position of cover art/layout editor, and am now required to attend the meetings), there were a couple of people who (in my opinion) should not have been there. What I thought was kinda funny (now that I'm not sitting there trying to keep a handle on my impatience factor) is the way that certain people wanted to be given an article to write, claiming they would be faithful, when in fact, they have only been back to services (and irregular at that) for the last two weeks. Before that, it had been over a month since they attended (again irregularly) and that period of attendance was maybe a couple of months, and this has been a regular pattern of irregularities. Don't get me wrong, I'm fully aware that these people have souls and God loves them, I just don't see how they could sit there and expect to be given an article that is due every month (FAITHFULLY) when they haven't even been there a month this last time. I just don't get it, and that's all I'm gonna say about least until the next time it gets under my skin again. *grin*

Weekend was alright. Had a headache all day yesterday and up into today that no medicine seemed to's finally easing off now (Thank God). Not sure what causes my headaches, but I guess I should be thankful they're not migraines. They're definitely irritating, but at least I'm not immobilized completely.

My friend, *Mike* (homeschool girl), spent the afternoon with me and KC yesterday. That was fun. She's such a sweetheart. Out of all the young girls at church, she's my fav. And yes, I know you're not supposed to have favorites, but I can't help it. She's my buddy. She's growing up on me though, which is really sad. She's almost as tall as I am now. *sigh* I'm feeling old.

Not a lot else going on right now. I got the digital scrapbook pages back from MPix that I did for my 2005 album, so as soon as I glue down that *one* *last* photo, 2005 will be officially ready for the bookshelf. YAY! I am totally loving the way the digi sb pages turned out, too. It's so cool. I'm still going to do a lot of paper scrapping b/c I don't want to give up the hands-on stuff, plus I have an awful lot of papers and embellies that I haven't used. LOL. Now if I can get 2006 I can start on this year.....well. Lots to do, lots to do.

Off for now. Later!

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