Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Moment of Truth

And now….

it’s finally here….

(okay, if you don’t count that the plumbing for the sink still needs to be tweaked a bit, and the pantry cabinet door still needs to be repaired and painted and hung)

Thankfully, I artfully snapped these photos to hide those little details.  Haha. 

Too bad I had to tell ya and ruin it, huh? 

Oh well…get on with it, right?  So I can go back to posting normal things again and not crazy remodeling rambles? 

Okay okay





and from the other side of the bar….


This entire project kinda went like that kids book “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie…”

Only ours sounded more like, …and when you buy a new light fixture, you have to take the old fixture down, and when you take the old fixture down, there’s going to be no box to attach the new fixture to, and when you buy a box and put it in the ceiling, it’s not going to fit in that spot because of a beam that is already in that spot that you couldn’t see when you cut the hole for the box, and when you move it over, there’s going to be a hole in the drywall that you have to patch.  Then when you get the box installed and patch the extra hole and sand down the patch, it’s going to knock another little random indent in apparently someone else’s patching from times before, so you have to patch that.  And THEN, when you get it all patched, you have to paint the spot for the light to go, but when you go get your paint, it doesn’t match the rest of the ceiling, so you have to paint the rest of the ceiling and then when you start painting the rest of the ceiling, you run out of paint, so only half the ceiling is painted but that’s okay because at least the part that is in the picture is painted.  So you go back to hang the light fixture and it still doesn’t hang tight against the ceiling, so you take it down and tighten the box and rehang the light (and then you do it again…and again…while holding the thing up in the air the entire time because it’s wired to the ceiling).  And then when you get all the lights hung up and turned on, it’s going to be too bright and…..we haven’t fixed that yet….we just wear sunglasses and sunscreen in the kitchen. 

That was just the light….such is the story of this entire kitchen remodel….but I won’t keep going because it would take ENTIRELY too much time.   LOL 

PS For the record, it’s the hubby who thinks it’s too bright…I actually like it bright.  =) =) And not ONLY because I want to be done….hahahaha

Anyway, it’s beautiful even if it’s not quite finished yet….and now I really really really need to get caught up on laundry and housecleaning (which has suffered to an embarrassing state during the remodel, since all my time has been devoted to…well…I don’t even have to say it, it’s so obvious.  LOL)

I don’t know how people remodel in such giant ways and still keep the rest of the house clean.  I’m going to hope they just have smaller houses so that I don’t feel like such a slouch.  hahaha

Why am I still talking…?  Yeah, I don’t know either.


  1. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Love it!!!!! The kitchen looks fantastic. You guys worked so hard and it shows. Can't wait to see it in person!

  2. Anonymous9:08 AM

    I agree, your kitchen turned out awesome......you should pat yourselves on the back Faith. I really like it. It is truly beautiful g/f. I pray this finds you doing well. XOXO Rylea waves Hi

  3. This post deserves more than 2 or 3 lovely messages. The kitchen looks great - especially the white cabinets, new hardware and granite!

  4. Good Job DYI.....ers!


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