Saturday, September 17, 2011

So Uh…


I have lots of bad news.  (okay, it’s not BAD, bad, just not so good)….LOL! 

First bad news, when you create an organized (or getting there anyway) craft office for yourself, it’s hard to get anything else done because…well…it’s just cozy here in my little corner with all my creative junk around me.  BUT, I did manage to mend like 5 garments from my “to be mended” pile that I came across while organizing today.  And one of them was a complete remake.  Let’s just say, my mom’s slightly out of date denim dress will live on for at least another year as an adorable jumper for the munchkin.  But anyway, sewing pile is greatly reduced and neatly organized. 

Second bad news, when you put your computer up in your scraproom, it’s mighty handy for digi-scrapping with all your idea books and crafty vibes floating around nearby…but it makes the evenings a lot lonelier since KC’s computer station is still on his lap two stories down in his recliner.  LOL.  Our nightly routine has changed from “kids go to bed, veg in the recliners for two hours, we go to bed” to “kids go to bed, KC hikes uphill on the treadmill/Faith is on computer upstairs for an hour, veg downstairs in the recliners for an hour, one of us falls asleep, then the other one wakes them up and we go to bed.”  We’re so romantic like that.  LOL

Third bad news.  It’s a great idea to unwrap all 15 leftover jolly rancher candy canes from last Christmas and break them into bite sized pieces and drop them into a little candy jar in hopes that they will finally get eaten up that way.  It’s NOT a great idea to put that jar next to ones laptop up in the cozy corner upstairs.  I’m just guesstimating but I’m thinking there may be around 1.5 candy canes left in it since I brought it up here yesterday.  *GREAT BIG GOOGLY EYES* 

Okay, done with bad news.  Good news is that even though I haven’t been blogging, I’ve maintained the 1 drawing a day.  Maybe I’ll post some of it sometime.  So far I’ve drawn things like: a turning point in your life, favorite animated character, favorite book, best friend….and so on…

ANYWAY, sounds like KC is finished with his hour of walking so computer time is done…laterz!

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