Monday, September 26, 2011

Backyard Wildlife

IMG_0724ewebI found this little guy in the backyard the other day.  Box turtle I think.  I put him in an old parmesan cheese bottle till the kids came home from school to see him, and then we let him go.  He was TINY!  In case you can’t tell, that blue thing is his water dish and it was a lid to a 20 oz bottle.  See how little the turtle is in comparison to the lid? IMG_0726ewebHe was also very ready to leave when I opened the lid and let him out outside.  LOLIMG_0736e2webIMG_0739eweb

I would have kept him but KC was paranoid of turtle germs.  Hahaha….and yes, I washed my hands thoroughly after I picked him up and I didn’t let the kids touch him at all. 

Anyway, then today, there were five deer out in the backyard.  Of course, I had to take pictures.  IMG_0776eweb

Then I snuck downstairs without the dogs to see if I could get a little closer pictures….that’s when they saw me, but they didn’t take off running like I expected.  They were really skinny…you could see their ribs but they were still really pretty.  IMG_0779ewebIMG_0785eweb

I think it was the same adult deer that were out there in May, (I posted about it here) but apparently a couple of them have reproduced since then…the babies were cute with their little spots…




  1. How awesome! The baby turtle is so cute! You could have named him Crush, Dude! lol. Is that Bambi & Faline I see too? How very cool. THanks for sharing your wildlife with us. :o)

  2. Aw!Poor Dear!! :( You need to feed them some dear corn or something! And as for Casey and his turtle germ comment.

  3. Turtle-germs!!! Hahahahaha. Soooo funny! Love it!


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