Sunday, September 18, 2011

And Once Again

I am rendered speechless.  This becoming more and more common.  YIKES!  LOL. 

And as usual when I’m feeling speechless, I’m thinking perhaps I should not say anything at all.  But I want to…oh I want to. 

I will say this though, if you haven’t read the book, unChristian, you should read it.  I know I mentioned it before and I said I might come back and talk about it, but it’s really hard to discuss it in a little blog post because it is such a big topic.  And it was the topic of Sunday School this morning, which reminded me that I never did get back to talking about it here. 

The perception of “Christianity” is not very positive and from personal experience and knowing the experiences of others, I can understand why.  Reading this book made me cringe…for all the things I’m NOT responsible for, but also for the ways (however unintentional) that I may have participated in some of the actions that would give an outsider reasons to have a negative impression of Christianity. 

It’s tough.  I know after reading this book, there are a lot of ways that I am doing positive things, but there are also still ways that I can do better.  I don’t want to be known for what I don’t do.  I want to be known for loving Jesus and caring about others.  And not just a shallow “caring” only to get another “check mark on my soul-winning list” where, if they’re not interested in becoming a check mark, or if they’re already on the “soul-WON” list, I simply move on to my next victim (I know, I’ve met some of those), but a genuine, non-judgmental, non-hypocritical, loving, care and concern for people.  Even the ones I don’t like.  *sigh*  Like I said, I’ve got some areas that need work.  =)

Anyway, that doesn’t even begin to get into the good stuff, but I challenge you, if you call yourself a Christian, go read it.  And especially, if you are a Christian that wants to reach others in the most effective way possible.  Sometimes, to be more effective, one must be more informed (and open to change if necessary).  Wow…that was a deep thought right there…for being speechless anyway.  HAHA. 

Oh yeah, and mom, our library doesn’t have it because it’s still at my house, but I know you said you wanted to read it, so put it on hold so they can call you with it as soon as I return it….teeehehe.  Would probably not be a very good Christian thing to do to not return it, don’t ya think?  LOL! 

He’s still workin on me, to make me what I ought to be,
It took Him just a week to make the moon and stars,
The sun and earth and Jupiter and Mars,
How loving and patient He must be, cuz He’s still workin on me.


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