Saturday, July 02, 2011

I Love My Daddy

He’s so awesome.  He helped me play a great trick on KC this weekend!  ROFL! 

So remember my flooded basement fiasco?  Well, it never got fixed because there was always something more pressing on the to-do list (even though my honey DID buy a new faucet, we just hadn’t got to it yet).  ANYWAY.  My dad came over to go swimming on Friday and I asked him if he would bring his plumbing stuff and help me fix that without mentioning it to KC.  So I did exactly what he told me to do, and marched outside with that granddaddy of a wrench while he held the inside and we pulled it out and he put the new one in and glued it together and I screwed it back in on the outside wall…anyway, long story short, my sweet daddy fixed it….took us about 15 minutes.  YIPPEEE.  SOOO then, I put his toolbox in an inconspicuous location so that the honey wouldn’t notice when he came home. 

Then we went swimming and when KC got home at lunch, I was pretty sure he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary because I had put everything back away.  But just in case, I said, Dad looked at the busted pipe while he was here (lol, HE DID!) and said it would be an easy fix (which was totally true) but I just left out the part where it WAS an easy fix. 


Today, I got up and went to a yardsale in the neighborhood (totally unrelated tidbit of information except I got some really cute stuff for CHEAP and couldn’t resist mentioning it.  hahah) and when I came back, the kids were still in bed, so I told KC I’d stay and he could go ahead and run to the hardware store for the part he needed for the pressure washer.  So he leaves and I get the kids breakfast and all and then I back the van out into the driveway, hook up the hose to the front (ex-busted) faucet, and start washing the car and wait for KC to return. 

Ya’ll know where this is going. 

So KC gets home and gets out of the truck and is like, “hon, did you run that hose from all the way in back?”  And of course, I’m trying to keep a straight face only I’m not sure I’m going to be believably successful at it, so I make this shocked “OH NO” face and drop the hose and take off running in the house like I’m going to check the basement.  And the look on his face as I was running away….PRICELESS!   


When he got down to the room that flooded last time, I’m standing in the middle of the room looking up at the ceiling…and I go…”Huh.  It’s not leaking.  OHHHHH THAT’S RIGHT….Me and dad fixed it!” 

OHHHH he got mad (but he got over it…lol).  I was dying laughing though!  And then I called dad to tell him how our trick worked.  It was so great.  I wish I’d been able to video his reaction when I took off running like I’d forgotten that the faucet was broken.  LOL! 

I’m so bad. 

It was great.  Winking smile 

So now we have a working faucet and yes, I washed the car today.  And a huge thank you to my sweet daddy for making the car washing possible.  =) =) 


  1. I love this story. What I love the most is that you 'got' Casey Davis.

    While walking on the beach today I shouted 'look dolphins', but there weren't any dolphins. The guy walking with me was not very happy... Like you, I found this humorous!

  2. Thats great! I wish I could have saw his face!!! ROFL

  3. LOL! Missed another AFV moment today too. haha.


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