Friday, February 11, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours

And when you turn the outside faucet on, it pours -- in the basement. 

Alternate title: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Bet ya’ll can kinda figure out where THIS is going. 


Let’s just say “Thank God for the storage in this corner *mostly* being in plastic totes.” 

I only lost about six of K-man’s school books, four of those homemade valentines, four ceiling tiles, and a few magazines.  Oh and I have a pile of yard sale clothes to wash that caught a good part of the water before it hit the carpet (although a good part of the water got the carpet, too).  Everything else was caught in time to save…a few minutes longer and my scrap table with all my scrapbooks spread out on it would have been rained on….*whew* I would have REALLY been upset. 

I was just going to wash the car and save a few bucks.  I wondered why there wasn’t any water coming out of the hose.  The hood of the car got clean.  And then I got this nagging feeling that I should turn the water off and go check the basement because surely the waters not…NAHHHH…surely not…..but I’ll check just in case….andddddd

I didn’t save ANY bucks.  Matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I saw a few waving bye as the water gushed through the ceiling, soaking into the ceiling tiles and causing them to fold under the weight and come crashing down into the puddles of water.  *fingers crossed that all the water damage is on THIS side of the wall and not in behind where we can’t see it just waiting to mildew and cause another disaster which will cost a few HUNDRED bucks*  


I’m not complaining but….seriously?  I mean, come on.  SERIOUSLY?  Obviously the line had frozen and busted and it wouldn’t have mattered if it was now or sometime this summer, it would be the same result when someone turned on the faucet.  But of COURSE it would happen to me!


And I’m going to have to make those ruined valentines disappear or I will never hear the end of it from Munchkin.  Looks like she’ll get to make a few handmade ones herself after all. LOL


  1. Oh, wow girl! Sorry some of your stuff got ruined, but oh so thankful it wasn't your scrapbooks! Of all the rooms to get picked on, it had to be that one! Glad you checked it out and rescued what you could in time. Hope you get it all fixed soon.

  2. Winter is not nice to plumbing, thats for sure! Glad you followed that nagging feeling!
    I love you.


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