Monday, February 28, 2011


Well, I was going to come blog tonight and make up for all the lost time…

And then I dropped by Polka Dot Plum for the speed scrap that was tonight and ended up doing this. 

speedscrap2-28 weblg

LOL.  Oops. 

I’ve been doing this a lot lately.  My addiction is becoming more…um…addicting. 

In other news, Dr. Pepper is no longer on sale at Wally World, so ONE addiction is remedied. 

And now that I’ve stopped by, I’m going to bed.  Winking smile 

Maybe March will be better for the blog. =)  And maybe for my camera, too…since I totally flaked on the photo hunt.  *wincing* 

C-ya real soon. I hope.

(Oh yeah, and the kit is You Make Me Happy by Designs by Sweet Mesquite, and the fonts are porcelain and pupcat)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Good Grief

Well here I am....laying in bed at like 10:45 and I have the worst case of heartburn and I really should just get up and go get something because you know when your trying to go to sleep that doesnt really work well and I just keep on going with this sentence and I really should p it some punctuation somewhere but I'm typog on my iTouch and it's too bard to ad pun tuition lol or to correct typos for that matter haha.

There I ended that sentence. And I'll try to atop being lazy now lol. It's really difficult to type on here tho. Especially when ur burping up icky acid....that rocky road sundae is feeling kinda...uhhhh....rocky.

Anyway Ive been asked what happened to me since it's been forever since I computer finally recovered thanks to my great IT guy lol-- but something happened to our time lately and seems like I just never get around to blogging. I'll try to do better next month.

Okay wel I could say a lot but trying to type oilstone is killing my arms not to mention spell neck keeps popping funny works in instead of what I'm typing nd I don't feel like going back and changing them now so I'm going to hop off here....night. Hope you haven't miss me too much. :-)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And The Computer Died

My darling hubby has been trying to resuscitate it for 4 days now. He finally, FINALLY got it to boot and load again and almost has it back where it was 2 weeks ago. Whatever got it was a doozy...he couldn't even get it to wipe and start over. *sigh* So maybe before the weekend I will get my computer back.

I hate blogging without live writer...I've gotten used to that way and now I feel lost without it. LOL.

But for the good sweet baby (and yes, he was sweet already) got me an iTouch for Valentines Day. It is soooo neat. It's made me feel so much better about not having my computer working for the last few days. LOL. And of course, I have my old computer which I snatched back from the kids for a few days, but it doesn't have any programs on it that I use, other than the internet, so it still feels like I'm missing a computer. But the ipod is so much fun, I have the Kindle app, the facebook app, and I swiped some of KC's itunes and popped in my headphones while I was doing chores's so cool.

Anyways, I'll be back soon, hopefully....

Friday, February 11, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours

And when you turn the outside faucet on, it pours -- in the basement. 

Alternate title: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Bet ya’ll can kinda figure out where THIS is going. 


Let’s just say “Thank God for the storage in this corner *mostly* being in plastic totes.” 

I only lost about six of K-man’s school books, four of those homemade valentines, four ceiling tiles, and a few magazines.  Oh and I have a pile of yard sale clothes to wash that caught a good part of the water before it hit the carpet (although a good part of the water got the carpet, too).  Everything else was caught in time to save…a few minutes longer and my scrap table with all my scrapbooks spread out on it would have been rained on….*whew* I would have REALLY been upset. 

I was just going to wash the car and save a few bucks.  I wondered why there wasn’t any water coming out of the hose.  The hood of the car got clean.  And then I got this nagging feeling that I should turn the water off and go check the basement because surely the waters not…NAHHHH…surely not…..but I’ll check just in case….andddddd

I didn’t save ANY bucks.  Matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I saw a few waving bye as the water gushed through the ceiling, soaking into the ceiling tiles and causing them to fold under the weight and come crashing down into the puddles of water.  *fingers crossed that all the water damage is on THIS side of the wall and not in behind where we can’t see it just waiting to mildew and cause another disaster which will cost a few HUNDRED bucks*  


I’m not complaining but….seriously?  I mean, come on.  SERIOUSLY?  Obviously the line had frozen and busted and it wouldn’t have mattered if it was now or sometime this summer, it would be the same result when someone turned on the faucet.  But of COURSE it would happen to me!


And I’m going to have to make those ruined valentines disappear or I will never hear the end of it from Munchkin.  Looks like she’ll get to make a few handmade ones herself after all. LOL

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

In Which I Explain

Hey ya'll. Just so you know, I am still alive and I have a very good--well, actually, it's a bad reason--why I have neglected the ol' blog for more than a couple of days in a row.

My computer has the bubonic plague. I haven't been able to get on the internet with it for more than five seconds (before it screams at me and all these pop-up windows appear and I have to shut down) since Saturday night. I do have the option of using the hubby's computer (which is what I'm on now) or the kids' computer, however, none of my programs or bookmarks or anything are on these computers, so I feel like I've lost half my brain.

Sunday, K-man was sick and I had to stay home with him while the other half of the family went to church. And all day on Sunday, and every day since, my computer has been running anti-stuff. Seriously, it keeps re-infecting itself. One day I deleted 679 (no exaggeration!). Today I deleted another 356. I'm pretty sure it is going to have to be totally wiped. But no worries, in the 4 days since the plague hit, I've been scooting all the documents and pictures onto backup discs and the EHD. So annoying. But at least now everything is backed up.

Monday, Tuesday, pretty much repeats of Sunday except K-man is feeling better. Last night was choir practice so that was a good chunk of the night. Today I ran out and got the raggedy ends trimmed off my hair and then ran by and picked up bread and milk...and okay...a Dr. Pepper. But I only got it just in case I got desperate and needed one. (Desperate times, desperate measures, you know.) We put it in the pantry, not in the fridge. =)

In my digi scrappin' life, I'm hosting a challenge over at Polka Dot Plum this week....if you do digi-scrapping, hop over and join me. It's a fun one! Lucky for me, I had those ready to go before the plague took over my computer. I've also got the New Release Wednesday blog posts this month on the PDP Blog, so go check those out, too. There's some cute new kits out!

I also put home made lasagna in the oven not quite an hour ago, so I should probably go see how that's coming along and go put KC's computer back since it's almost time for him to be home. LOL. I also need to go back downstairs and see how many plagues need to be deleted from the last run of scans on my computer. So....that's my update. And that's why I haven't been around to anyone else's blog lately either.

I'm so ready for my computer to be healthy again. *fingers crossed* for it (and for the lasagna, that I just caught a whiff of....smells pretty good, So till next time...

Miss ya'll...for real!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

On TOP of It!

YES!  I got the Munchkin’s valentine’s for school finished over a WEEK before!  YAY me!  LOL.  I told KC I was trying not to wait till the last minute and he had to pick his jaw up off the floor!  HAHA! 


I used a kit called “My Love” by Sugar Pie Scraps plus a little cardstock and glue from my stash, the font was Pea Times New Camileon, and the candy is Hershey’s mini chocolate bars that have custom wrappers (from the same kit).

Munchkin did the gluing on some of them…but I glued these so I could take pictures of them.  LOL…she wasn’t so careful to glue the ones she did straight and centered but since they were her cards, I guess it doesn’t matter that much.  haha.  And I’ll let her do the “addressing” part, too.  I figure it’s no different than me going out and buying a box of valentines since the addressing is all that she’d have gotten to do then anyway.  LOL!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


February is here!  How did that happen?  Ow. 

But February brings some fun stuff…

Cara of Sweet Tomato Designs is guest designer over at Scrappity-Doo-Dah.  And for the first week of Feb, she’s got a great sale going on over there!  Perfect time to pick up some new goodies!  I love her stuff!  *images are linked*

Oh and she’s got some exclusive stuff over there at SDD that is just too cute!  This kit called Frolic is one of my new favorites! 

I made this layout with it and printed a small version of it and sent it with the hubby on his business trip last week.  Awwww…I know, right? 

Eternal copysm

Tonight I worked on some hybrid stuff…waiting til tomorrow to get decent lighting to take pictures of it. =) 

Last week was rough.  KC got home okay and then came down with an AWFUL ear infection and spent five days on the couch and then the ER.  He’s finally recovering, I think. 

It’s photo hunt month again.  I’m seriously lacking photo-mojo right now but maybe this will give me a good rear kickin’ to get back on top of it again. =) 

Sheesh.  I’m gonna have to get back on top of everything again.  Yikes.