Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy November!

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Well, they say it takes three or four weeks to make a habit. (I’m of the opinion that it is based on it being a GOOD habit you’re trying to create. Personally, I just THINK about a bad habit and it’s suddenly second nature.) But anyway, if THEY are correct, then blogging daily should be a habit now, right? I was looking on lifehack at a list of tricks to build new habits…it’s inspiring. Maybe every month I should add a new habit (a good one) to my repertoire.

Oh and THEY also say that if you build a habit and then break it, it is MUCH easier to pick it back up in a shorter amount of time. So for November, I think I’ll continue a habit, pick up an old habit, and start a new one. Hmmm…I think that could be doable.

So for JUST the month of November:

  1. November will be my Thankful Month. A daily post that highlights something (or someone) I’m thankful for. (continue a habit)
  2. Make my bed up all the way to decorative pillows (instead of just pulling up the bedspread) every day. (pick up an old habit)
  3. Clean ONE thing in the house every day. Do it without thinking of all the other things that need doing, which makes me overwhelmed, which makes me procrastinate. (start a new habit)

Maybe by New Year’s resolution time, I will be perfect and won’t need to make any resolutions. HAH. Not likely. LOL!

Although, I have to say, since the end of summer and things calmed down a bit with our foster kid situations, I have actually gotten a handle on this years ONLY new year’s resolution. LOL! I just had to read back to my first January post to figure out what it was…so doing it was unintentional…haha!

Another current habit I’m going to continue is participation in the Photo Scavenger Hunts… ;-) For November and December, there is going to be a 10 item list. Here is this month’s list:

  1. Home Sweet Home
  2. Thankful
  3. Family
  4. I Ate This- Thanksgiving Edition (if you don’t live in U.S then pick something you ate in November)
  5. A Turkey
  6. Something Hand-Made
  7. Something Hot
  8. Something Cold
  9. Something Orange
  10. Anything Goes (Any photo you take in November!)

To join, go here and enter your name in the linky.

Oh and before I go, today I’m thankful for chocolate. I picked something simple today since this post is already long enough. ;-) And now I’m going to go eat some. Goodnight! =)

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  1. sounds cool. i like the idea of old/new habits being reintroduced. let me know how it goes for ya.


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