Saturday, October 16, 2010

Re-use, Reduce, Recycle!

I mentioned a few posts back that KC’s mom was here and we were working on doing her yardsale stuff in my garage.  She had a lifetime (x3) of knick-knacks, curtains, kitchen pieces, country flair, wood country crafts, floral pieces from the 50’s…you name it.  WOW.  The good thing about hanging out in my garage with her and her yardsale stuff was that I had PLENTY of time to look at all her stuff and come up with some remakes.  Naturally, I kept the remakes…;-)  Even though, after I finished, she kept wanting her things back.  ;-)  I’m such a terrible daughter-in-law like that.  LOL. 

So are you dying yet?  Wanna see what I rescued? 

Well, I’ll start with this one since it’s the only one I have before/after shots of:IMG_8450webIMG_8459webIMG_8460web

I snatched this one up for our master bath the second I saw it.  Sure, it had no door front, a icky country wooden heart handle, and was just sad, but I saw potential!  Sure enough, after bashing the heart off the handle (I’m so cold and HEARTLESS, my mother-in-law says…LOL!) and sanding the bugger within an inch of its life, then a few coats of paint during slow yard-sale moments, and finally, distressing the edges just a smidge and hot-gluing a strip of burlap inside the door….OH YEAH! 

And then there is the glass jar rescue.  I knew I had to find something to use them for.  Candy corner in the kitchen looks SOOO much more appealing now!  Don’t ya think? IMG_8456webThese were just dirty jars (two milk jars and two heavy duty open topped glass bowls) and all it took was a little cleanup and organization.  MMMM….wonder if it will last till October 31st…lol!   

IMG_8464webAnd this sled?  Well, wood country craft…that’s all I can say for it.

I looked at it for awhile, laid it aside, thought about it awhile longer, and then decided to paint it up and then distress it a bit to make it look worn and now…

I’m thinking wintertime baby photo prop!  A white backdrop, a little fake snow, a baby in a black toboggan with tassels dangling down….yeah!  TOTALLY!  And for free, too!  ;-)  Love a little recycling!  =)  I did a few more little projects to rescue some outdated stuff (think country wreath to fall gorgeousness, glass bottle and starfish put together…you know, little stuff), but those up there were my favorites! 

What do you think…have I inspired you to rescue any old yard sale stuff yet?  ;-)


  1. The inspiratiion is definatley there, girl! Just wish I could find the time!
    You are so good at that!
    love ya

  2. i love it when you do this stuff! you are super talented. i see lots of ideas worth reproducing but i never seem to get ahead enough to etch in the time to do it. i'm sure i'd have lots of "help" with my two little men by my side. perhaps one of these days.... until then, i'll just cooo at your creations. :0)

  3. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I'm just thankful the bathroom will have TP.

    Your Hubby

  4. angie west6:31 PM

    I love your crafts! your amazing! I am totally inspired! I will be looking for remakes!


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