Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crazy Life

IMG_8013ewebIt’s official, I’m a horrible blogger anymore.  I haven’t even felt like blogging anonymously lately.  Well, okay, I take that back…I actually have felt more like posting some major rants but I have totally resisted.  Partly because if anyone ever stumbled across my pink apartment (not that I actually HAVE a pink apartment), but IF I did, and IF I ranted the way I wanted to about the topics I wanted to rant about, it would give away my anonymity…lol.  Not that anyone will ever find my hypothetical pink apartment…teehehe.  How did I get on that? 


So I really don’t even feel like being here now, plus it’s already getting late and morning is coming way too quickly these days…soooo…how bout I just wrap up with misc pictures from this month? IMG_8179eweb

I found this jewel at a yardsale on Saturday.  A quarter for the lid and plastic dish it’s sitting on.  I couldn’t resist it for $.25…it reminds me of my Grandma.  Grandma’s was beat up, too, and always had homemade biscuits underneath that dome…

Well, I ain’t Grandma, but I did bake some cookies today to put in it…and most of the cookies are gone already…how does that happen?  LOL!IMG_8181ewebSpeaking of Grandmas…KC’s grandma was here today…that was nice.  She’s 90, although you’d never know it…she is spryer (is that a word?) than most 70 year old’s…yikes. IMG_8024eweb 

Let’s see…here’s a random shot from labor day.  This is when Little Mama was still here…

speaking of her, she’s doing good, I think…settling in her new place okay.  Weird though, with her not being here.  Gonna take a little getting used to again. IMG_8141eweb

And last, here’s a few shots from 9/18 at my cousin’s wedding.  Have a great night! 

OH and the facepainting shots are from KC’s company picnic which happened earlier in the day before the wedding.  We washed it off before the wedding…somehow it didn’t quite fit with the formal look…lol.

IMG_8112ewebIMG_8118ewebIMG_8130ewebIMG_8125ewebIMG_8126eweb IMG_8128ewebIMG_8131ewebIMG_8138eweb

For anyone who still reads this blog…thanks.  =)  PS I’m going to try to do better.  I don’t think there is an exact NaBloPoMo anymore…I think it’s any month you want to do it now, but I’m going to try for October…we’ll see how far I get.  LOL.  It’s good to have goals, right?  LOL!  Anyway, goodnight!


  1. our lives are picking back up into crazy mode. but i always like to look at your pix! :o)

  2. Maybe it's a good thing you haven't blogged a lot lately, b/c that would make me look like a bad reader/commentor. LOL. I can't remember the last time I had the time to read someone else's blog let alone write my own. (Until today. And even then I really don't have the time...just squeezing it in.) Ha! Nice pictures by they way. I always enjoy looking at them too. ;o)


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