Thursday, July 08, 2010


I want to blog.  Really, I do.  But when I have things going on that I could talk about, I’m too busy to blog them, and when I don’t have things going on and time to actually blog, I don’t remember all the things I had to talk about and am left with what’s floating around in my head…and I have this gut feeling that if I posted those thoughts I’ve been thinking of late, it would stir up some trouble. 

I saw a blogger the other day talking about a blog that she writes completely anonymously that is totally unconnected to herself…she called it a Pink Apartment.  I just googled it and apparently it’s a type of blog where people go anonymous so they can talk about their life using lots of caps and foul language…which is totally NOT what I’m looking for…but anonymous…now that does sound appealing.

I have started so many sentences and erased every one.  Except that one.  I’m going to leave that one.  LOL.  Even though it doesn’t really fit.  Just trust me…it’s better that way. 

There are just so many opinions and so many topics that seem to get people all stirred up for whatever reason…I hope I don’t sound whiny but I have to wonder sometimes…why can’t we all just get along?  I don’t want to stir up controversy but it’s almost like you can’t say anything without making some people mad.

So yeah.  For now, it will all just stay in my head. 


  1. lol, i too have thought about blogging anonymously on a totally separate blog so that when people make me mad I could vent about it without dealing with them after they hear about me complaining out them...but i still worry they would some how find me! ha!

  2. Know what you mean girly...bout all of it.

    I was thinking similar thoughts this morning, but only about facebook. Being able to write what you want b/c it's YOUR wall....I have erased several sentences myself so I don't share too much detail. LOL. Blogging, or maybe even facebooking, anonymously sounds awefully tempting. :o)

  3. I am SOOOO with you girl! I've got some things in my head right now I would LOVE to blog/type/vent...but like will pry only cause trouble...*sigh*

  4. Maybe you should just type it up in Word (since you don't want to do it by hand), then print it and save it, or save it on your flash drive somewhere, or print and throw away. At least it might be "off you chest" and you've vented. LOL Love you, and I know what you mean.

  5. or you could just vent to me.... even if it's AbOUt me. LOL!!! it would save you all that extra typing :o)

    that's what friends are for, right??? listening to your ugly thoughts non-judgmentally and loving you anyway...

    just saying... :o)

  6. Anonymous12:46 PM

    I know what you mean babe. Hopefully it's not about me!! lol

    Our "community" for which we live doesn't allow for alternate thoughts about things...They live in absolutes, black or white, and subjective gray areas based on certain individual preferences.

    Then you have a "work" environment, which if you read the news, people get fired over facebook and twitter statements...

    Then you have a "family" environment, which outside of talking about the greatest hubby in the world (definitely kidding here), you may not have the liberty to express how you really feel for fear of (? fill in the blank).

    You would think in the world of blogging, and twittering, and facebooking, that you can be yourself, speak openly and honestly. Yet nothing has really changed, as we must temper our tongue and our pen (or keyboard, in this instance). That's why post secret has gained such fame, due to the anonymousness of it all.

    Your hubby

  7. will all be relieved to know, it's not really about specific people...more ideas than people. LOL...although I'm not sure which is worse...ideas seem to make more people mad whereas if you talk about a person, only that person gets mad. LOL.


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