Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some Days

In life, sometimes you're the bug, sometimes you're the windshield.

The kids watched Space Buddies last night.  That quote from one of the pups is   so appropriate today. 


Today I’m definitely the bug.  Splat. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Price You Pay

IMG_8200ewebRight now, I’m sitting on the couch and Obi is laying on my feet.  I gave him a bath today so his fur is all silky soft and I can’t resist scratching his sides.  I couldn’t help laughing when his toes curled up…lol…and then of course, he couldn’t stand it anymore and tried to dig his nails in to scratch himself, only my hand was in the way, of course.  LOL.  These dogs crack me up. 

IMG_8193ewebI’m waiting on the hubby to return, and I’ll be happy when he gets back, but I have to say, the dogs have definitely made me feel better about being here alone.  They are loving adorable dogs, but they are very very protective of us, and that gives me warm and fuzzy feelings.  LOL…of course, KC gives me warmer and fuzzier feelings…so I’m still ready for him to come home…lol!  Well, actually, I take that back…the part about the dogs…they actually give me a warm and FURRY feeling….bwahaha…but I’m still ready for KC to come home.  LOL. 

HOWEVER, as I was cleaning today…the thought crossed my mind (as it usually does when I clean) that there IS a price to pay for that warm and FURRY feeling of protection. 

I sweep every other day.  This is the average pile: IMG_8183eweb

That is a full size (12 inch) broom in the picture.  And for the record, there is very little dirt in that pile.  This is ONLY the hardwoods (approximately two rooms, a hallway, and the stairs).  The other hardwoods are covered by rugs or furniture. 

(I’m really not a bad housekeeper…I really do keep it pretty clean even if this post looks like I’m proving otherwise…lol)
Then I vacuum.  When I start, the canister is empty:IMG_8201eweb

This is from one large rug, three smaller rugs, and my bedroom.

And seriously, this is every other day.  I don’t know how they have that much fur OFF their bodies when they still have SO much still ON their bodies.  LOL. 

I gave them a bath today and had to clean a third dog out of the shower drain when I was finished.  They lose a LOT of hair. 


I like a clean house and I love my dogs, so this is just the price I gotta pay. 

I’m not mad about it.  Much.  ;-)  And when I am mad about it, I just go kiss the dogs and I feel better. 


It’s just one of those things…there’s a price you have to pay for everything.  Like the price my hubby has to pay for such an awesome wife like me—well…that price is usually paid to the traffic court system, along with a lawyer or two—but you know….everything comes with a price!   

(And before you have a cow, honey, NO, there hasn’t been any recent tickets, I was just saying…and this isn’t how I’d tell you if there were…lol!!!) ;-)

Sleep Deficit

Well, I am quite exhausted.  I’m not so sure why, but it may have something to do with not getting enough sleep.  ;-) 

Yesterday morning, the hubby left for Ohio to go to a funeral.  I would have gone, but being in the middle of the week, I needed to stay with the kids and dogs.  I didn’t get to sleep until late the night before, and then got up early to get the Munchkin on the bus and help the hubby get his stuff ready to go.  So after K-man finished his school work, I fell asleep on the couch with the monster dogs.  IMG_8032

After lunch, I had some appointments/errands in the neighboring county, which were made infinitely more interesting, thanks to getting to drive the hubby’s monster truck (since he has my van in Ohio right this minute).  Gotta hand it to him though, he’s got excellent taste in trucks…lol.  But that thing is impossible to park…the back of the parking lot taking up four spaces…with a clear un-obstructed exit plan…that was me.  LoL. 

downsize(2)Then there was church last night and Drea from church helped me throw a little housewarming shower for Lil Mama after church.  It worked out perfectly and she got a lot of the stuff she really really needed.  Drea did the cake and wow…she did awesome.  Red velvet cake and HOMEMADE cream cheese icing….*googley eyes* =) 

After all that, I got home last night and got the kids in bed and the dogs fed and walked.  Weirdness being single mom for a night.  I blocked off my doorway to keep the dogs from roaming the house and then left them out of their cage.  They are definitely guard dogs.  It was like they knew they were supposed to be on high alert last night…which was great.  Except they kept doing this little WOOF thing every few hours when they would hear a creak or noise.  And that wasn’t so great at 12:30, 2, 2:30, and 3am…and I’m pretty sure it was the cat they were hearing.  Anyway, at 3am I got up and walked through the house with the dogs, ate the last cookie, got a glass of water and then went back to bed.  That seemed to settle the dogs down and they slept IMG_8187ewebquietly for the rest of the night.  I felt well guarded since I had one 70lb monster laying against my back and the other 70lb monster on my other side.  LOL.  And they took to sleeping on the bed like they had trained for years…hahaha.  I turned out the lights and they hopped up and settled down (other than the occasional alarm at slight noises)…lol. 

But at least I wasn’t sleeping with a baseball bat or walking around the house at 1:30 in the morning with a screwdriver in hand (like that would have done any good)…not that I would EVER have done such a thing….ROFL! 

Unfortunately, my sleep time is still feeling shorted…and if it weren’t so close to time to walk down the street and meet the munchkin’s bus, I would be sorely tempted to lay down on the couch again and work on some more catch up…lol. 

Speaking of the munchkin, she asked me yesterday if I was going to fall asleep while helping her with her homework again.  OOPS.  So…how is everyone else?  Someone please tell me I’m not alone in falling asleep on my kid’s homework?!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crazy Life

IMG_8013ewebIt’s official, I’m a horrible blogger anymore.  I haven’t even felt like blogging anonymously lately.  Well, okay, I take that back…I actually have felt more like posting some major rants but I have totally resisted.  Partly because if anyone ever stumbled across my pink apartment (not that I actually HAVE a pink apartment), but IF I did, and IF I ranted the way I wanted to about the topics I wanted to rant about, it would give away my anonymity…lol.  Not that anyone will ever find my hypothetical pink apartment…teehehe.  How did I get on that? 


So I really don’t even feel like being here now, plus it’s already getting late and morning is coming way too quickly these days…soooo…how bout I just wrap up with misc pictures from this month? IMG_8179eweb

I found this jewel at a yardsale on Saturday.  A quarter for the lid and plastic dish it’s sitting on.  I couldn’t resist it for $.25…it reminds me of my Grandma.  Grandma’s was beat up, too, and always had homemade biscuits underneath that dome…

Well, I ain’t Grandma, but I did bake some cookies today to put in it…and most of the cookies are gone already…how does that happen?  LOL!IMG_8181ewebSpeaking of Grandmas…KC’s grandma was here today…that was nice.  She’s 90, although you’d never know it…she is spryer (is that a word?) than most 70 year old’s…yikes. IMG_8024eweb 

Let’s see…here’s a random shot from labor day.  This is when Little Mama was still here…

speaking of her, she’s doing good, I think…settling in her new place okay.  Weird though, with her not being here.  Gonna take a little getting used to again. IMG_8141eweb

And last, here’s a few shots from 9/18 at my cousin’s wedding.  Have a great night! 

OH and the facepainting shots are from KC’s company picnic which happened earlier in the day before the wedding.  We washed it off before the wedding…somehow it didn’t quite fit with the formal look…lol.

IMG_8112ewebIMG_8118ewebIMG_8130ewebIMG_8125ewebIMG_8126eweb IMG_8128ewebIMG_8131ewebIMG_8138eweb

For anyone who still reads this blog…thanks.  =)  PS I’m going to try to do better.  I don’t think there is an exact NaBloPoMo anymore…I think it’s any month you want to do it now, but I’m going to try for October…we’ll see how far I get.  LOL.  It’s good to have goals, right?  LOL!  Anyway, goodnight!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I think I know how he feels...

Camera Entertainment

Munchkin and KC...

Another Sept Wedding

So we r at a wedding...Seems like
there is one every Sept but this year its local so we werent able to get away without kids....haha.

Entertaining children at the table is just so interesting. I should have requested that our children be seated at the tables with their grandparents since both sets are here and at different tables. LOL.
Its a pretty wedding but Im a little bored since i dont know anyone at our table and we r right next to the speaker so chatting is difficult anyway lol. So lots of funny pictures on my phone. :-)

Little mama moved out yesterday...we all miss her already. I hope she does well. I still have to get her phone switched over for her...hopefully that will go well.

Speaking of well...this aint going so...i have already had a GRACE moment and stood up while stepping on my skirt tail and nearly lost it...im wishing the candles were citronella but from the itching im guessing their not...and one of our children keeps tooting...heaven help us.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Home Again

IMG_8035ewebWell, here we are…home again.  That was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a VERY long time. 

The bed and breakfast was so nice, spending an entire weekend with our long-time friends, shopping, going to visit other mutual long-time friends, and then traveling back together to pick up all our kids because we were all missing them…it was just so awesome.  I really needed it. 

IMG_8097ewebThese are pictures of the lodge where we stayed (more pics in my facebook profile for people who are friends in real life…lol).  I was naughty though and didn’t really take any more pictures after we left here on Saturday morning though.  I had my camera, just didn’t have lots of opportunities that I felt like taking…lol.

IMG_8054ewebIMG_8060eweb IMG_8050ewebIMG_8061eweb IMG_8076ewebIMG_8081eweb

Awesome just doesn’t even begin to describe the weekend.  *blissful sigh*  We’ve all already talked about making it an annual trip!  LOL! 

In other news…my girl (Little Mama) signed her apartment lease today!  We have her all set up with a vehicle, her utilities have been started, and she’s on her own insurance with her vehicle.  Now I just have to get her phone stuff in order and we have to get through court…just a few more days.  We’re both kinda sad but I’m happy for her at the same time.  I’m going to help her take a load of the stuff we’ve collected for her to her place tomorrow and do a little cleaning and unpacking.  The great thing is, small place = no time at all to clean and unpack…hooray!  That is one thing about the size of our house…cleaning takes DAYS instead of hours and there are still boxes in the basement that have not been unpacked.  LOL! 

I’ve been crazy busy and I’m sure there are lots of things I should update about, but I get tired thinking about it and I’m sure you’d get tired reading about it, and I get the feeling that we’re all probably already tired without thinking or reading about it…so I won’t talk about it.  LOL!  That’s it.  =) =)  I wonder how many more times I can say IT in this paragraph?  IT’s okay…I’m crazy…you can admit IT cuz I know you were thinking IT!  *GRIN* 

And since I have nothing better to say, I’m going to go away now.  =)  Thanks for reading.  =)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Road Trip Pics

Well, I did it…I scrapped the pics from NY.  I couldn’t fit them all on here, but at least I have a few documented now.  =) 


Credits are posted on my design blog: Always Faith Designs

Anyway, I’m actually blogging while we’re ON a road trip.  This is so nice…I haven’t had time at the house to do anything, but this morning I’m sitting in the main living area of this awesome lodge and using the internet and there are NO KIDS to distract me and there is NO HOUSEWORK OR COOKING to make me feel guilty for not doing….i LOVE IT.  LOLOL!  I’m down in Georgia with the hubby and friends and we’re staying in a bed and breakfast on Apple Ridge…it is gorgeous and AWESOME! 

It feels like I’m staying at my aunt Betty’s house.  The older couple that owns/runs this place are totally down home country folk.  It’s so sweet.  I was listening to her in the kitchen talking as she cooked breakfast and it smells and sounds just like being at my aunt’s house.  Only this place is WAY bigger.  LOL. 

Gotta go now though…breakfast is served!  =)  LOVIN IT!  And it AINT mcdonalds!!!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Great Picture!

There was a man who was an avid photographer. He had just returned from vacation and was visiting friends for dinner. While there, he shared his vacation photos with them. They were awed by the great images he captured. Finally, the woman of the house said to him, "Those are great photos. You must have a really great camera." The man just smiled and nodded. As the man was preparing to leave, he graciously thanked the host. Then he said, "That was a great dinner. You must have really great pots and pans.

I saw the above quote on this photography blog…it makes me laugh every time I see it and I couldn’t resist sharing it.  Particularly since I have been more neglectful of the blog than usual and needed something to put on here.  LOL.  I hope to be in the mood to write something soon.  =) 

Saturday, September 04, 2010


Um....how is this saving MORE? HELLO?!?