Friday, July 09, 2010

Easy Week

Well, this week was great.  Except for Tuesday morning when I got up and was all laid back and relaxed and in no rush and then Lil Mama comes down and asked me if it was the sixth because she had an appointment…oh yeah, it was on my calendar.  Helps if you look at it.  LOL.  So we had to make a quick change of plans and no relaxing after all. 

KC’s mom had K-man from Sunday evening to Tuesday evening so it was just me and munchkin and the lil mama and the baby for those couple of days.  Munchkin did surprisingly well considering she had no one to fight play with.  LOL.

Went up to a service in the mountains…message was great…I actually took notes in service…that felt a little strange…haven’t done that in forever.  Of course, the biggest reason I haven’t is because I’ve been so busy keeping after the kids in service for the last couple of years.  Anyway, I might have to post my notes later…or not…lol.  

I actually read a couple of books this week (mostly while waiting on somebody or an appointment or something, but it was still nice.  *grin*).  Now I just need to go back to the library and get a few more reads.  I’ve figured out a great way to get reading time in…I just do it when I take the kids to the pool.  That way I’m doing something productive (supervising swim time) and still getting some me time.  LOL.  Not to mention working on that Pocahontas tan that KC is so jealous of…teehehe. 

Had the followup appointment from the testing that we had Munchkin do to try to pinpoint her issues.  We were right about the attention disorder.  We said all along that there wasn’t a hyper problem but it seemed like she had trouble focusing on anything for longer than a minute or two.  According to the test, the doctor said it was very cut and dry results…according to her IQ level, the range of her impulsivity was SUPERIOR…meaning the hyper is not an issue.  Actually, they said that superior is unusual to find and it’s two levels above average.  But according to her IQ level, her attention and focus was very very low and far below what she should have had.  The testing also confirmed an anxiety issue which the therapist had already mentioned might be a possibility based on her behaviors.  SOOO….moving forward, therapist said that we will work on skill building with her to improve her focus and help her deal with anxiety in a positive way.  Not sure what that will entail but hopeful.  Especially since a new teacher is right around the corner and I’m not sure how that’s going to work out if she gets one who doesn’t work well with her issues.  We shall see. 

IMG_7259webAlso this week, I went by the craft store and picked up some fun fabric to play with.  After the VBS sewing, I feel strangely capable of anything, so I decided to follow a tutorial I found online and turn THIS –>





I also got a couple yards of fleece to tie up a blanket for a departing gift for Lil Mama and baby since she loves blankets.  I was going to make a baby one but decided at the last minute to just go for one that she could snuggle under WITH the baby.  *grin*  Haven’t put it together yet. 

IMG_7256webAnyway, went to a church friend’s b-day party tonight…

It was kinda funny because the invitation said “Wear your favorite team shirt” and we walked in with (of course) Ohio State shirts on (except our kiddos outgrew theirs so they were just in Ohio colors…lol) and everyone was wearing Volunteer Orange (*gag*….hahaha…j/k).  Actually, it was just the birthday boy’s family that was all wearing Tennessee, it just SEEMED like everybody because they have a really. big. family.  LOL! 

But it was fun.  It was just nice to have a somewhat empty schedule this week.  And what wasn’t empty was pretty relaxed so it wasn’t all stressful or anything.  SWEET! 

Anyways, thanks for reading…love ya’ll…mean it.  ;-) 


  1. Hey girl, I so feel for you on the testing issues. My youngest had focusing issues and it took us 2 years to figure out his problem. If you read my blog you know that. But just a normal eye test isn't enough. Just a thought, you might try a special eye dr. If you should be interested I have a pamphlet they gave me I could send you more info. We start eye therapy next week. (if this makes no sense go read my post about the bug who couldn't read.) Good luck! I know how frustrating the school situation can be...Love ya

  2. Glad you finally got a week where you could relax and enjoy a little "you time". The bag looks awesome! You'll have to make more and sell them. I'd buy one. Much to Hubs dismay, I love fun/cute looking bags. :o) They're great for carrying things like your Bible/Song book(s), or if you're going to the beach, or even for groceries, etc. The list is really endless. LOL. I have gotten rid of quite a few in the past couple of years and I actually miss them.


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