Friday, July 16, 2010

Early Morning Drives

IMG_7286ewebWell, in my last post, I mentioned that I wasn’t a morning person.  However, one very cool thing about driving (well, okay, actually I was just riding, but I DID stay awake with KC to keep him company while the backseat snoozed in the darkness) that early in the morning was getting to see the really cool foggy morning in the blue ridge mountains coming up through Virginia.  Pretty awesome. 


IMG_7294ewebIMG_7291eweb IMG_7292ewebYeah, it was quite the view!  ALMOST worth the early morning.  =)  And getting up here at lunchtime was TOTALLY worth the early morning.  Something about getting somewhere and not feeling like the whole day is already gone…but then again, when we did get up here and puttered around for a couple hours til we could get into our hotel room, and then finally got into the hotel room…

Well, we pretty much walked in, dumped our stuff on the floor, laid the kids down on one bed and then crashed on the other for at least an hour or so…man, we were exhausted. 

You know the night before when I was supposed to get in bed at 9 so the 3 am wake up wouldn’t be quite so rough?  Well.  It was after 11.  And we got up at 3.  Didn’t get on the road till 4:30 though…had to take a shower to wake up, then get ready and finish the last bit of packing and load the car. 

Long, long day.  Oh and did I mention that we stayed out til midnight tonight hanging out with old friends?  LoL.  This is NOT a vacation…I’m wayyy too exhausted.  ;-)


  1. I love the pictures!!! I am never up that early to see the anything. LOl

  2. Love the pictures of the mountains! Glad you had a safe trip. I don't like getting up that early, but I have to agree it's worth it when you have a LONG trip.

  3. When I was a kid I used to get up around 5 (an hour earlier than need be) just so I could go for a jog before going to school. Yeah, I used to be fit like that. I never minded the early mornings. But when we moved down here and stayed with the B-shws...Wendy corrupted me. LOL. All too quickly I fell into her night-owl, sleep late routine, and I've never been the same. LOL. :o)

    However, when I was helping with that Farm-sitting job a couple weeks ago we had to get up around 5:50 every morning. And you know, there is just something about watching the sun rise and seeing the horses graze that early in the morning. The early mornings are so peaceful and rewarding. Love your pictures! They're so calming and peaceful. God knew what He was doing when He put the sun into the sky. :o)

  4. Love me some mountains. I am particularly fond of NC mountains!
    God put me in the right spot.
    Missed you!
    Glad you got back safe.

  5. Great mountain pics!

    I am not a morning person but I do like sunrises.

  6. The pictures are beautiful. I LOVE my mountains! I'm not a morning person either, as you well know ;) but there is something about driving in the early morning, when most everyone else is asleep....


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