Monday, July 12, 2010

Cricut Fun

Well, I used the borrowed Cricut (it's like a printer with a blade instead of ink) today…actually FINISHED a project. WOOHOOO!

Check it out. From icky thrift store sign:
*let me clarify...nothing personal against the flag or the statement...icky because it was sloppily done and kinda junky*

To laundry room humor:

Vinyl + Cricut = AWESOME! I love it. Except for I am totally anal about the letters and they were really difficult to line up and still not QUITE perfect. But it’s okay. I made it, I like it, and I hung it on the wall. I’m happy. ;-)


  1. Love your sign too,

  2. i have no idea what a cricut is but i love the sign! it cracks me up.

  3. My cousin has a Cricut and loves it. She uses it quite often with the vinyl and makes all kinds of signs. I love how you did yours. can't tell that there's even a hint of crookedness. :o) I have only admired the cricut from afar. Havn't been willing to spend the money yet. LOL.


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