Monday, April 05, 2010

Tell Me…

How is it April 5th already?  Dear heavenly father, time is FLYING!   We JUST moved…only…wait…it’s been three months already.  WHAT? 

And yep, it’s time for another photo hunt…not sure how this is going to go since I seem to keep on adding to my obligations, but ANYWAY!  LOL. 

Here’s the list if anyone else wants to play along: (click on the badge to go to the site)

  • A Different Point of View
  • A Perspective Shot
  • Touch
  • Taste
  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Sign of Spring (or autumn)
  • Flowers
  • A letter formed/found in nature (Examples)
  • Trio
  • Fish
  • Water
  • Skyward
  • Mother Earth
  • Something Rare
  • Something Healthy
  • Something Colorful
  • Something Spicy
  • Something Triangular
  • Maybe, just MAYBE, I’ll get all the pics taken before April 29th.  LOL.  Then again…knowing myself the way I do…lol.  Hi honey!  I see you reading over my shoulder….is this really interesting to you?  LOL.  No comments please about my procrastinating habits. 

    Puppies are good…seem to be learning quick, except for tonight when they just don’t want to go to the bathroom…and I am a little tired of standing out there waiting on them…lol.  So they’re back in the crate until bedtime. 

    Kids are good…seem to be forgetting all they’ve learned just as fast as the puppies are getting it…lol.  Nah, I’m kidding.  Munchkin’s out of school this week though and doesn’t know what to do with herself.  I can’t help her much…I don’t know what to do with myself half the time.  LOL. 

    Did a little cleaning and laundry today.  JOY.  Speaking of cleaning, the pool is almost swimmable.  Okay, so it’s still a little on the icy side, but with the full sun it gets, plus the 80 degree weather we’ve had the last few days, the last time I stuck my feet in this evening, the thought of being fully submerged was a lot more tempting.  The first time I stuck my feet in last week, it sucked the breath out of me and I instantly lost feeling in my toes….now—not so bad.  lol.  And poor Obi…he’s already fell in twice.  Crazy pup, keeps trying to take shortcuts around the corners of the pool and loosing his footing and in he goes.  Good thing he can doggy paddle…he just sits there and paddles in place until I come pull him out.  I got him out fast and dried him off both times, so hopefully he won’t like, get pneumonia or anything.  LOL. 

    Haven’t had the time to do much painting or decorating the last while….just got other things on our plate and cleaning sucks out what little time I have to do anything.  LOL.  Can’t imagine what in the world might EVER take my time up, it’s not like I have anything to do during the day, but ya know….SOMETHING just seems to always keep me hoppin.  lol. 

    Okay, now that I’ve said a lot about nuthin, I’m gone.  Later, gaters! 


    1. poor pup. it wont be long before he is diving in on purpose! I is a water dog, you know.
      have fun on the photo hunt!

    2. Wow girl, you're as busy as me...only we are busy with different things! It is amazing how at one point you feel you have "nothing" to do all afternoon and then BANG! Day is over and and you wonder where it went and how did you fit it ALL in?!? LOL. I was extremely tempted to get in the neighbor's pool today, cept I didn't know if they had it open or not. CU soon!

    3. Having a pool would be great but I don't think I would get much done! We all need to get together soon!! I feel like I have been as busy as you have or more but we need a break!

    4. Anonymous6:10 PM

      I think I am going to try the photo hunt for fun!! And poor Obi!! Lord love it! I'm about to come jump in ur pool too!! lol. But probably not smart when u have a soar throat!! Luv ya!
      <3 Kelby <3


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