Friday, April 23, 2010



is how I feel today. 

Man, this week has been a KILLER.  The M.I.L. came on Monday and dude, is she a slave driver!!  ;-)  Just kidding.  Actually, her son is the slave driver, but we won’t talk about that.  LOL!

Anyway, M.I.L. was here Monday to Thursday.  On Monday, we painted.  On Tuesday, we painted.  On Wednesday, we painted.  On Thursday, we painted.  Then she went home and I painted some more (I mean, after four days, it was almost a habit, you know?).  On Friday, I got up and KEPT painting.  This week has been a blur.  Or a smear.  A PAINT smear.  *sigh*  KC wants the basement finished by Munchkin’s birthday party…and dear me, if that’s not an entire THIRD of this 4000 square foot house.  BUT…that entire third is entirely painted now (except for my crafty room and the unfinished storage room).  So yeah.  Hang on a sec while I go see if I can drag up some before and after’s for ya…oh except some of them are not quite “AFTER” yet since there is still junk in the basement rooms that we haven’t quite found homes for yet.  LOL. 

Okay, here’s the basement:

KC’s gym: This was done last time KC’s mom was here:IMG_5231ewebIMG_6379eweb

Basement Family Room: This was Monday…and part of Tuesday, thanks to Mister Wolfpack that had to be sanded and puttied in an attempt to remove his existence.  And this is the room that is junked up right now that needs to be cleaned…lol.

PingPong/Faith’s Studio Room: I lost track of days by this point…I’m not sure when we did what, but this IS the order we did them…lol. 

Basement Bath: I hope no one wants to know what color we did in the bathrooms because I couldn’t reproduce it if I tried.  But the best part is that the bathroom makeovers were essentially FREE since I used little bits of leftover paint and just mixed until I had something that looked reasonably nice. 
IMG_5232eweb IMG_6375eweb

Going downstairs: This was a two tone…we painted the ceiling, too.  It looks much better in real life.  And we still need to put the railing back up. 

This is the MIL taking the rail off on the lower half of the stairs…and again, the after looks much better in real life except we still need to put that rail back up.   

Upstairs Bath: This is what I painted last night after KC’s mom left.  Again, another shade of Faith Blue.  LOL.  This one was really scraping the bottom…I only had a little bit left of the good blue and then a purply looking color that I have no idea where it came from and a darker blue and then it still didn’t seem like it would be enough paint to cover the whole room, so I dumped some of the brown from the hallways into it to stretch it far enough.  I like it and it goes really nice with the brown shower curtain we already had.  And you just can’t beat FREE!  LOL. 

Then after all the painting and everything else this week (oh yeah, we had to CLEAN before we painted, too because of all the grime and dead bugs in the basement…just wasn’t a priority down there when we first moved in…lol),

we also have the choir recording this weekend (Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday) so it’s been some late nights and hard work on that, too. 

I’m exhausted.  And the weekend isn’t over yet.  Not complaining though, don’t get me wrong.  Life is good…just so busy it gets overwhelming sometimes. 

At least you’re getting an update this time…;-)  IMG_6306eweb

Oh and the puppies are getting big….I might have to give them their own separate photo album instead of putting all the pictures in here.  *grin*  They are just SOOOO cute!  I love taking pictures IMG_6391ewebof them. 



Want a little perspective on how BIG these guys are gonna get?  Well, I’ve always heard you can tell by the paws…….these guys?  Well, here are their paws in my hand….Obi’s you can see my whole hand, but on Ahsoka, I didn’t have the angle right, so all you see is my thumb…still…the size of my thumb versus the size of their paws….lol. 


And this next one?  This picture just makes my heart go pitter patter.  ;-)  For more than one reason…lol ;-) ;-)  IMG_6335eweb
And now, it is WAYYYY past my bedtime and another long day tomorrow, so me and these puppies are gonna drag ourselves off to bed.  *yawn*    


  1. Wow girl! You sure know how to stay busy. :o) I had thought about calling you on Friday to drop you pictures off, but I was in bed most of the day. Just did not have any energy...otherwise you might of had an extra painter. Maybe next time. LOL.

  2. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Wow Casey is actually HOLDING ASOKA? WOW!! lol!


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