Thursday, April 29, 2010

Channeling Pioneer Woman

Well, I just had a moment.  I was editing my pics for the photo hunt that ends tomorrow and I had quite a few shots of cows and dogs.  LOL.  And I was using her actions to top it off….want a spoiler?  LOL….thought so…IMG_6341ewebIMG_6360e2web

Oh all right, I confess, my cow pictures are nothing like PW’s cow pictures (plus I don’t think she finds it necessary to clone out disturbingly distracting singlewide trailers in the background…lol, welcome to NC…you MIGHT BE A….uh…anyway) and you probably already saw that one of Obi-wan from last week, but it’s become one of my favorite shots…and this is a little different tweak to it…lol. 

So now.  It’s really late and I’ve got a busy day tomorrow in which I have a quick meeting right after I drop Munchkin off at school which means I have to get up and get a shower and get dressed AND feed and walk the dogs BEFORE dragging my sorry carcass out the door at 7:25 in the morning.  Which means that I should REALLY go to bed 2 hours ago now.  LOL. 

Stay tuned for the picture post tomorrow…I would do it tonight but I have three shots I haven’t yet managed to get so I gots to get those sometime during my crazy day tomorrow.  Goodnight! 


  1. Cute pics. I love the one of Obi too. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your shots today. Oh, and if it makes you feel better, I woke up before 6:30 this morning. :o)

  2. ... duh. duh. duh. About those SW trailer remarks..... :)

  3. You could have came here and got pictures without the trailers, girl. Cows....right a cross the road.

  4. LOL, mom, I have nothing against singlewide trailers, unless they're surrounded by junk, and in the middle of a pasture...with cows.... And it's not really classic, western, range-like....that's all I meant. LOL!! =)


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