Friday, April 30, 2010

April Photos


Well, time’s up for the photo hunt…must say that I’m very proud of myself…had all but FOUR pics that I had to get at the last minute.  ;-)  Go me. 


And without further ado…




  1. A Different Point of View
    From a worm’s point of view, that 4x4 post is a city block long!!!  And I hope he’s not afraid of heights!!! 
  2. A Perspective Shot 
    I believe it pretty much speaks for itself…

  3. Touch
    My touch pads, their touch pads…

  4. Taste
    Little man enjoying one of them GIANT suckers!!!

  5. Sight
    My eyes…

  6. Sound
    Fire truck going by…down the wrong lane of traffic to get around…loudly. 

  7. Smell
    Ahsoka’s nose.

  8. Sign of Spring (or autumn)
    Hostas peeking through the ground.

  9. Flowers
    faith-flowers1 faith-flowers2
    Couldn’t pick a favorite….these beauties are right outside my basement door and made all those scars from moving our stuff past them totally worth it!!!  lol

  10. A letter formed/found in nature (Examples)
    Why…it’s a Y!!! 

  11. Trio
    Lovelies from the lovely Aunt C!!!

  12. Fish
    A wooden fish…

  13. Water
    Some kind of tree with gorgeous leaves right in front of our house….it had just rained.

  14. Skyward
    Sunset in our neighborhood!

  15. Mother Earth
    Not sure if this qualifies but it kinda represents a form of earth…?

  16. Something Rare
    These steaks are so rare they’re still moo-ing at me!!!

  17. Something Healthy
    faith-healthy2 faith-healthy1
    Our adorable pups!

  18. Something Colorful
    Those leaves on the tree in front again…this time it was a sunny blue sky.

  19. Something Spicy
    It’s Spice Island’s Pepper…..

  20. Something Triangular
    Faith-Something Triangular
    Well…nuff said.

That’s it.  I’m calling it a day.  It’s 9:44 and I’m ready for bed.  I was so busy today I didn’t even open my computer until 8:45.  WHOA.  That’s busy!  lol!  And another busy one tomorrow…so I’m going to bed now.  NIGHT!


  1. Different point of view and touch are my favorites.....the dog's paw is so detailed and the little hairy worm looked so confused reaching out into space.
    Great job!!!

  2. I'm so impressed! You got some great shots. We have a similar tree in our yard - I think it's a Japanese maple, but I'm not a 100% sure.

  3. Hi, Faith. I remember your name from previous photo challenges, and I know you get some great shots. You did more of the same this month. Your puppies are so cute!! I'm a lab person, too. We have two. If I had the space, time, money, and ability to clean up the dog hair -- I'd get new puppy every year! I do not have a ton of patience, but for some reason, with puppies, I could calmly go forever through that phase. Anyway, yours are super cute. :) I love that you included them as your something healthy. That's awesome! Otherwise, I liked your something colorful and your flower shots are lovely. My favorite of all was definitely the first one with that caterpillar. Such a great capture!

  4. Something rare and smell are my favorite shots you took, but I honestly enjoyed them all. Fantastic job!

  5. Like your thinking on Different Point of View. I really like your Something Rare as an image, but being a vege would prefer not think about them in this way! :)

  6. LOL--rare!
    smell was my favorite, what cute puppies :)

    Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  7. Awesome job Faith!!!! I can't decide a deff. fav. But I really like your first one, taste, and...well all of them. LoL. You rock girl! Keep 'em coming. :o)

  8. Oh, PS to Paddymac, I prefer the cow over the burger myself, lol, just thought it would be a unique interpretation of the idea.

  9. Lots of good photos. 'Taste' and 'Something healthy' really stand out for me. Nice work.

  10. I really like taste! Good work. I peeked at your photography blog too and I love all it!!

  11. Great shots. Rare was awesome! I liked your letter found in nature and of course taste! I guess great minds think alike, lol! But I also loved the first one. Really great collection!
    Mal- Simple Nothings

  12. I always look forward to your shots, Faith! Always hard to pick a favorite... once again, great job!

  13. fun entries! loved your "smell" shot!

  14. Different point of view is my favorite! Great shots!

  15. Awesome shots, Faith! I loved both of your flower shots and also the two healthy shots! The water was great and something rare was awesome too


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