Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where Does The Time Go?

These days, it seems like I blog and then I turn around and it's been 3 days since I blogged. How DOES that happen anyways?

So I'm here now...for a limited time only since it's 9:59 and I'm whooped.

I took today off since I woke up with a scratchy throat and I've got comp time that needs to be used up before I leave anyways.....(besides all that, I needed to take advantage of one of the last opportunities I'll have at a "sick day" know, where I can call in to work and then take the kids to school and come back home and be by myself all day long. Somehow, I don't think that fits in anywhere in a mommy world.)

Where was I? Oh yes. I took off for my scratchy throat and ended up working harder than I would have if I'd gone in. LOL. Figures.

Things I did today (like it's some kind of big deal):
  • Made Munchkin's birthday party invitations. They're all done except I don't know yet where it's going to be I haven't filled out all the info yet.
  • Printed off some princess-y coloring pages for munchkin's party.
  • Did a Fly-lady mission (decluttering and dusting the nightstands---okay, so it was only like a 15 minute mission so it's not like a major accomplishment, but hey....)
  • Washed 3 or 4 (I lost count) loads of laundry and folded about the same amount.
  • Finished the cleaning and swapping out of Munchkin's winter clothes to summer (which included bagging up a trashbag full to freecycle, a boxful to go to consignment, a single tote of winter clothes that she will hopefully be able to still fit in this fall, and half a tote of cute stuff that I want to keep in case I ever have a temporary lapse of sanity and take in another toddler foster child...LOL.)
  • Did the same thing to K-man's closet....ooh how I LOVE getting all that too little stuff out and knocking it down to the things he actually wears. I can actually SEE the shelves in the closet again. Yay!
  • Got the kids from school and gave them a bath and got them ready for church (oh there was so much drama in that small simple task)
  • Fixed supper
  • Made a mutual decision with KC that church tonight was out (he had to work, the kids were off the chart in meltdown-land)
  • Finished folding the last of the laundry and then collapsed for the evening.....although I didn't collapse in a fit like the kids seem to be prone to do tonight. Not sure if maybe it's the medicine they're on or what, but they have both been really ROUGH for the last week. I'm sure tired of it.

I'm actually tired of a LOT of being sick....and having this itchy yucky throat cold (or allergies or whatever it is). Maybe I'll ask my $20 doctor about it next week at my scheduled visit. Hopefully she won't refer me to a $40 doctor who will tell me that colds generally go away on their own and don't need to do anything about them. LOL. And yeah...I'm tired of being tired, too. Oh and lets not forget being tired of kids throwing themselves on the floor and screaming because you had the nerve to close the closet door or sit their drink upright or step on the rug or some other such extremely EVERYDAY NORMAL thing.

Anyways...I'm tired of keeping my eyes open and it's already like 10:30. So I'm going to go close them now....well....maybe....just a few more minutes...hehe...I haven't checked my mail in like 5 minutes....just's been ten....haha...just kidding again. Well anyways.



  1. I'm tired and don't have kids. I think mine is related to my allergies though b/c I've had a headache for 2 days now. Anywho...I was thinking about you the other day b/c I remember you telling me once that although I thought I'd have more time on my hands once we were married, I really wouldn't. (b/c you thought the same thing and it really just got busier once you married). Well I'm relating to what you said. Where does the time go?

  2. I just cleaned out my son's dresser yesterday, MAN that felt good!

  3. I know... I know.... I know... do you live my life? Oh no, you don't. I only have one child, a dog, and a gerbil. You are have two children. Bless you, Faith. Bless you. :)

  4. I think we can all relate to this post. The thing to remember is to try and have fun no matter what the day brings, otherwise- it's just a waste (for me anyway). That part has proven to be very difficult for me, especially when the boys seem to 'meltdown' at the same time. But- I'm working on it, with the Lord's help!


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