Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Messages - The Tired Ones

Dear Monday,
Whew. Long day. As always. You just don't give me a break. Even when I took the day still had no mercy. I'm just gonna have to give up taking off on your day. a couple of weeks I'll be off every Monday. LOL. EEEEEEK. I'll have to lock myself IN the house on this day in the future. Heh. What can go wrong then? HA. JuSt kidding...don't worry, I'm not trying to tempt you or anything.
Knows How Garfield Feels

Dear Munchkin,
I was OFF today for cryin out loud. Did you REALLY have to come bouncing into our room at 6:08am???? I know you didn't know I was off, but you know that just IRKS me even on days when I'm NOT off b/c hello....I don't have to get up until at least 6:30 and when you come bouncing in at that insane hour it really makes it difficult for me to complete my morning routine....or you know....SLEEP. I love you anyways though. Especially when you meekly go back to your room with a book to wait for daylight. LOL. Although when you do that, it does make me feel a little bad for being grumpy. HEH. Not TOO bad though. LOL.

Dear Bank Account,
I apologize for working you over today, it really isn't my fault, see prices on EVERYTHING are just skyrocketing and I know that's not something either of us can help, I just want you to know that I really did my best to avoid breaking you today. I even went so far as to spend at least an extra hour of the day comparing cost per ounce on a lot of the items that I was buying today so that I bought the absolute cheapest item. Let me tell ya, that takes a LOT of time. I hope you appreciate the special effort. Oh, yeah, and all the blisters on my fingers from cutting and organizing coupons so that I could get the lowest possible price on the things we had to have....well, I hope you appreciate that, too. I know my laundry isn't happy about all the time I spent saving money, since that kinda left it on the back burner for most of the day. There was that one thing though, that was a really huge waste of money, but I'll leave that for the next letter and I just hope you'll forgive this one error.
The Lady Who Won't Be Depositing A Paycheck In You Much Longer....
(but is still taking them out...LOL)

Dear Orthopaedic Specialist,
I'm really not sure why my doc didn't just tell me herself, that a cyst on the finger usually goes away on it's own and as long as it isn't growing or hindering in daily activities or hurting without being mashed, it's no big deal and it should be left alone. No, instead she says it's probably nothing to worry about, but I should see you and have it removed. And then I go in and give myself finger cramps filling out all the patient forms and pay $40 dollars too much to sit in your waiting room for half an hour and then see you for less than 60 seconds (which is really all the time it takes for you to look at my finger and say exactly what I typed above that my doc didn't tell me herself). Oh and then you told me that if it does any of those things that were in that first sentence, then I should come back and pay another $40 dollars for you to look at it again. Except, you didn't say that part about the $40....and that sentence only took about 2 seconds of your less than 60 used. And then I walked out $40 lighter and wondering why the doctor who only cost me $20 couldn't have told me that....and saved me $40 plus a chunk of my precious time. Nuts.
You Probably Don't Even Remember My Name

Dear K-man,
What's up with you, Grumpster??? All I know is you better be using the potty whenever you start wearing them crazy expensive pull-up things. And stop having end of the world meltdowns over the littlest little things. It's like the way it used to be and hey, I wasn't missin it. So you can put that little attitude away again and I won't be minding it one little bit!!!

Dear Blog,
Again...apologies on the lack of posting these days....what can I say? I've been busy working on not breaking the whatever means necessary. LOL. Anyways....that's not likely to change anytime soon...the being busy with that, but I'll try to blog more frequently anyways.
Still ever devoted to you,


  1. Dear Faith,

    I love your "Monday Messages."

    Amy Lizzy

  2. First, thanks for visiting my blog today. Second, you have made it right to the top of my Google Reader with this entry today. Absolutely, positively, so rib-tickling funny to me and I can so relate. I've instantly become an everyday reader. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Love your messages! I totally feel your pain in a variety of ways! And thanks for visiting my blog today. :-)

  4. Want to eat dinner with us Sunday?

  5. Dear Faith,

    I feel guilty for laughing at Munchkin's early wake up call...

    And I thought the same things when Keilani started wearing pull-ups... they are quite costly!

    One who enjoys your Monday Messages


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