Saturday, March 22, 2008

Winding Down

Well, the end of the trip is almost here.

I have some theories on the kids behaviors....and in most cases, MISbehaviors, but I won't go into them here....LOL.

I do think one of the problems though, is that they do not do well when they are out of our home and regular familiar the car is not so bad....I guess b/c it's the same car as at home and they're used to riding alot, but the whole hotel room deal and all this stuff? NOT so good.

Anyways...I have other theories, too....

Changing the subject now.

GG's (great grandma's -- it's what munchkin calls her) birthday get together was today at her house so we were all over there. "ALL" meaning KC, the kids, and myself, along with a few of GG's kids and grandkids....won't go into that either....I don't really understand why only certain family members come and others don't. I never watched Family Feud, but I think maybe KC's family might be a fit for that term. LOL.

That's okay. My family has skeletons, too. Our skeletons tend to be buried in the graveyards though, know.....hanging out in the back closet. LOL. (That was a joke, by the way)

While we were at GG's, we spent quite a bit of time entertaining the young ones...since we knew we'd be over there awhile, we made a pit stop at Target on our way over and picked up some kid friendly, but not too mess friendly, activities to occupy the younglings.

A couple of Paint with Water books and some little brushes were among the little things we bought. Can you guess which ones of these Yours Truly did? Of course, I had to do it with them....I LOVED these when I was a kid...LOL. I think I had more fun with it than did Munchkin, but it occupied them briefly.

Then there was the doctor kit....I'm not sure why she was working on mawmaw's TEETH, however I did cringe a bit to see her sticking that "instrument" in a mouth....knowing that moments before it was in someone else's nose. EWWWW. I did tell mawmaw, but she's got what I call "grandparent-itis" in which nothing matters but the children's ultimate happiness and joy, not even the safety and wellbeing of one's own you will notice from the next picture, which is another FINE example of this disease......
Here's a picture of the snow we saw today on the way over to GG's. We saw a lot of snow blowing, but not any on the ground (much to the relief of the Ohio people, I'm sure). Speaking of the pictures, I'm doing really bad at taking them, but it's kinda not my fault...well, I mean, it IS my fault, but.... Well, okay. So the story is: I left my good camera at home. Oops. Left the video camera at home, too. Oops again. No biggie, I've got my little point and shoot....but OOPS. Left the extra battery AND the charger at home....and it's not the kind of camera that takes AA It takes a special order $$$$ kind of battery. Figures. So I've been pulling the camera out MUCH more sparingly. *sigh* I'll maybe post the few that I've got once I get home.

We really haven't had a whole lot of down time (being such a short trip) to be spending any on the computer, so I haven't done much more than check my mail and blog a couple of times. And it's just too much effort to crawl off the bed and go get my camera and card out of my purse to upload pictures right now. *EDITED ON 3/24 TO ADD PICTURES*

Speaking of right now....the kids are asleep. Both of them. Fell asleep. In the same room. In less than 15 minutes. Yes. I'm serious. I'm a witness....miracles DO still happen. looks like KC's already gone to sleep. I'm packing up the computer now and going to bed myself....



  1. love the pictures.

  2. How sweet! Mike and I bought Garrett a paint with water book on one of Indiana trips. It entertained him all week long. He loved it.

    Love the g-parent pix, too. So sweet.


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