Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Type Much?

Obviously, I type just a bit.....although on the site where I found this, some others had posted their results and they were up above the 120 mark....YOW. Unbelievable! You go try! Bet ya just can't do it once! This is actually my third try....first one was 59. LOL!

75 words

Speed test


  1. Yeah, I did this awhile back, and I scored 55. I tried to get above that, but it just wasn't happening. Oh well, I may not be the best typer, but I won't let that get in my way!

  2. Well, seeing as how I'm usually holding Levi while at the computer- I may type 7 words per minute. Free up my other arm though and I may give you a run for your money. *wink*

  3. Ex-nay the comment about 'run for your money' cause I don't gamble. I couldn't beat your speed test either. heehee.

    BTW- You and I forgot a rather important function on Monday, didn't we?

  4. i know i cant beat your time. i am a slow typer. now Preston can do it but not me. love ya

  5. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Beat you.... I got 79 wpm.... of course it wasn't my first attempt...LOL

  6. the more i type the worse I get. my first try was 59 or 60...every try after that is worse and worse. *lol*

  7. Mine was 72 the firs time, I messed up on 6 words. But after I tried two more times, my score just went down, down, down. But I think I could sit there all day and just do that. Kind of fun...


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