Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Still Alive & Kickin'

Although the "kickin" part is definitely debatable. LOL!

Tuesday was MUCH better than Monday. Today was pretty decent, too. Except that I'm plumb whupped from trying to get everything done today. Work is WAY behind, and the two days I just took off b/c of all the appointments, errands, and such, haven't helped that at ALL. I had SEVENTEEN new voicemails when I went in this morning. SHEEEESH. Plus, I've got SO much to get done before our super quick trip to Ohio for KC's grandma's birthday and it never fails to amaze me how much more complicated it is to pack -- even on just day trips -- when you have two little ones. I have to admire those who are blessed with more. I know you just do what you gotta do, but goodness. I just don't see how, sometimes.

It was way easier with just one. One feels like a vacation now. But I wouldn't trade'm for nothin. And sure....I'd take more if they called us. LOL.

I am so exhausted. I'm going to head on to bed, but I just wanted to pop on, in case it happens to be a little bit before I have another chance.

Till next time....


  1. We're gonna miss ya'll! Be careful and have fun!! I know how delightful an 8+ hour road trip is going to be with 2 toddlers! *LOL* Love ya!!

  2. Your statement: "It was way easier with just one. One feels like a vacation now. But I wouldn't trade'm for nothin." is so accurate.

    My boys are wonderful, though. And they make it all worthwhile.

  3. Hope you have a great/fun/adventureous (w/ 2 kids), safe filled trip to Ohio! :o) Glad to hear that your week is getting better and better. Don't forget to take your homemade contraption for the little tykes. you know the tray with magnets?

  4. I'm so glad your Tuesday was better that your Monday!! Have a safe trip!!


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