Monday, March 03, 2008

Scenario #593 of the Locked Out Chronicles

Get ready for work, get the kids ready, scoot everybody out the door.

Look into the key basket on the back of the door and see your keys.

Reach into the basket and grab keys.

Lock the door behind you and go to the car and help each kid in and buckle them.

Climb in the driver's seat and attempt to start the car.

Realize that the Honda key you're holding is NOT the Honda that you're driving and realize that you grabbed the spare vehicle keys (which coincidentally ALSO has a Honda key that feels MUCH the same as the one you were SUPPOSED to grab) instead of your own keychain which has the HOUSE KEY on it.

Instead, your HOUSE key is still in the basket INSIDE the house.

Don't panic.

Go back into the garage (because thankfully, you do drive the car which has the garage door opener on it and said car is not locked) and go to the place where the spare key is supposed to be hidden. Do a thorough search. Don't find it.

Go to the cold car where the kids are waiting.

Dig in purse for cell phone.

Don't find it. Don't remember taking it out, but assume it must be somewhere in the house.

Sit there for about 10 seconds wondering why you got out of bed in the first place.

Unbuckle the kids and move them to the spare vehicle and haul them to school where you borrow a phone to call your husband and ask him if he's SURE he put the spare key back in the spare key place the last time he used it. He says he's sure.

Go back home and look again. Call him back using borrowed cell phone and tell him it's not there.
Return borrowed cell phone to friend at school while waiting on dear husband to come home and let you in.

Take all the garbage to the dump while waiting.

Come back home and sit on the comfortable (yet seriously CHILLED) couch stored in the garage and clean out purse.

Pause for a moment to give thanks that you decided to go ahead and put a heavier jacket on this morning even though it's supposed to be warm again later today.

Pay a bill.

Look again for the key.

Sweep the garage.

Find the back of KC's cell phone that fell off and disappeared.

Begin breaking down some cardboard to go to the dump next trip and then watch husband pull up in the driveway and bring his keys to unlock your door.

Look in key basket and get the CORRECT keys out of it. Also, get the spare keys (BOTH OF THEM) out of the bottom of the basket and put back in the garage in the secure location.


I can see that I'm going to need a new blog category JUST for this. *sigh*


  1. What a morning! Sorry to chuckle at your delay...but if it makes you feel better, I couldn't locate my purse yesterday evening (at church) and realized (thanks to Lori's sharp memory) that I had left it on the counter at home and therefore had been driving without my license. lovely.

  2. Wow! At least you got some productive things done right?? And at least you did have a car to take the kiddos to school. *grin* Have to look on the bright side. Although it is much eaiser when I'm not the one locked out of the house *grin*


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