Monday, March 24, 2008

Random Notes from Easter Sunday

Now before you get excited, don't worry, this isn't like some deep discussion on the death and resurrection of Christ. Just strictly noting things from Sunday for memories sake. That and the fact that I'm going to make a little mini book of the trip and I'll need to write the stuff down for journalling so I might as well do it here. *grin*

And a brief note on the whole Easter kinda goes along with all the other my opinion. I celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus EVERY day b/c he lives in my heart. Just like I celebrate his BIRTH every day and not just at Christmas. Most holidays, as we know them, originated from pagan celebrations, so technically I'm not sure Jesus would want to be connected to those dates anyways. Which is why we just celebrate those days as something "fun" and as a tradition kind of thing. Not that anyone really cares to know my opinion on the whole matter....anywho.

So Sunday morning we got up early in the hotel room (stayed at the Hampton Inn....LOVE that place...their beds and easy peasy wireless access in the rooms just ROCKS!) and got our stuff packed and got our showers and everything ready to check out. Then we went to get KC's mom for church. I'm going to skip the whole topic of church as well, except to say that it was great to see all the folks we haven't seen in ages. Oh, and must note that during church, K-man wet through his diaper TWICE....once it filled up KC's mom's lap and once he was on my hip and we were all standing up singing when I suddenly felt something really WARM running down me. UGH. And I don't understand what the deal was, since his diaper didn't really seem full when I changed it, plus he hadn't had that much to drink. Weird. And aggravating, too! Nothing like having your nice clothes reek of urine. LOVELY. Yet, I refused to change him b/c we hadn't yet gotten pictures of the kids all dressed up. HAHA. One of the good things about him wearing black dress pants that were very thin....they didn't show any wet spots. HA! Bad mommy. I know.

Got back to KC's grandma's and dropped his mom back off and we all changed clothes (AFTER pictures...LOL) and I gave the kids their Easter baskets with a very small amount of sugar included and then we hit the road.

Left at 2 and stopped 3 times for food/gas/potty breaks. Got home right at 10. I was pretty impressed with our time, since we were travelling with two small kids and still managed to drive pretty much straight thru and even came through a short area of one lane construction. Total stopped time was probably about 1/2 hour between all three stops and the kids did amazingly well. K-man got a teeny bit fussy during the very last half hour of the trip, but only b/c Munchkin had fallen asleep by that time and I turned the movie off in hopes that he would join his sister in ZZZ-land. It didn't work, but at least he didn't wake her up with his fussing. All in all, I'd say they traveled very well and I was appropriately impressed and not a little thankful....although at several points, I did think to in the world did people travel with small kids before they created personal dvd players?!? Hahah!

I posted some of the pictures on my Myspace page, so if you're friends with me, you can go check them out...LOL. They're pretty funny.


  1. Glad your home, safe and sound!

  2. we missed you and i am glad that you are home safe too. love ya

  3. Okay, you're either going to have to make me a friend on your Myspace, or start post the pictures on your picture blog. Because I really want to see them. *grin* Love ya!!

  4. Glad you made it there and back safely!!

  5. come now Faith.. you had to love the OHIO weather. I know where you were when you took that one.. I noticed the signs.. just past Matthew Fords headed out of Heath. and for the diaper issue, honey you have to KNOW how to stop those side leaks with little boys. If you want some motherly tricks email me. Glad you had a safe trip.

  6. Mother of Two Little Boys Notes:

    To ensure that the plumbing works properly, please make sure the spigot is facing down. This should eliminate most unexpected leaks.

    Laugh Out Loud!!!

  7. LOL..LOL.. Kelly is a TRUE mother of little boys.. great discription!!


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