Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday - Fund Drive Day 2

OH, I AM SO DEAD TIRED. Must be Monday. LOL.

So on to Monday Messages (The Fund Drive Edition)

Dear Wacky Phone Volunteer,
Yes...I am avoiding you. Don't call me. I might call you. I just haven't decided yet.
(sorry...nothin personal) LOL
Thanks, (but no thanks),
Phone Volunteer Coordinator

Dear Work,
Can I go home yet?
Exhausted Employee

Dear friends who comment on my blog,
This is a PSA to say, please go to your blogger profile and in the second section (Identity), please put an email where you can be reached in question #2. If you don't want anyone to see your email address, go up to the first part (Privacy) and make sure that box #3 is unchecked. Entering an email address enables me to hit reply whenever I get an email showing your comments. If you do not have an email listed, it gives this no-reply @ option which....obviously will not make it to you. This makes it really hard if I want to reply directly to your comment. So help me out a little, will ya?
THANKS ever so much!
Trying To Respond

Dear Kids,
Sheesh. How do you KNOW when I'm plumb exhausted and ready for you to NOT get on my last nerve??? I do my best not to let you know that, but you always seem to read my mind and just jump all up and down very last (and very frayed) nerve. STOP already.
Still love you,
PS I have one more question: How comes you could care less when mommy comes through the door when it's the most exciting thing in the WORLD for daddy to come through the door. My word, you even scream and get excited when he walks out to the garage to take out the trash and comes right back in again...can't you get a LITTLE excited to see me when I've been gone all day? Goodness! Make ME feel real good, why don't ya!?!

Dear 9:00,
I fear I will not spend much quality time with you tonight. I plan to not even SEE you, since my eyes are already drifting shut and it's only 8:28.
Maybe we'll hang out tomorrow. Doubtful, but one could always dream! Wait....that's exactly what I plan to do.....LOL
Miss you,
Sleepy Eyes

Dear Casey V,
I'll tell KC that if he can't handle things, to get with you and let you take the kids for a night. LOL. He'll probably be okay....*grin* Who am I to argue with him, right? HAHA. By the way, how was youth camp? Oh, and wanna volunteer for the fund drive? How does 7am hit ya? ROFL!!!! PS Make sure you read my little PSA above....since you were the most recent person I tried to reply to.....HEHEHE.
Love ya,

Dear Monday,
Good bye.


  1. Dear Faith,

    I'm going to put my email on my blog right now. :)


    Blogger Friend who comments on your blog.

  2. Sweet dreams to you!!!


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