Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weird Dreams

Okay, this is totally for no one's benefit but my own, but I needed to write this down so I won't forget it later. I'm surprised it's still in my memory since I dreamed it last night, but since it is....

I had a deja'vu (or whatever you call that) dream last night. It was so crazy. Well, I had all kinds of crazy dreams leading up to it, and I had an upset stomach, so maybe that was the trigger, but it was like I woke up and went to the bathroom or something and then came back to bed and fell into this dream. The weird thing was, it was an old nightmare, and I was fully aware that it was a dream, and not only that, but I knew what was going to happen in this dream.

So I go along with it and sure enough, everything proceeds exactly how I know it's going to.

It must have been some kind of war or something b/c me and someone else (not sure who) were running from a killer and we were out in the middle of nowhere, but there was this abandoned building and we ran through the woods and crawled up into this building and the killer came and got the other person (which I knew would happen and I also knew that they were going to come back for me next and I would be taken away and eventually killed and then I'd wake up). So in my dream, I decided since I knew how it was going to end anyways, there wouldn't be any harm in crawling underneath this building since the worst thing that would happen is that I'd be killed a little earlier in the dream, which was weird in itself b/c you know how nightmares usually freak you out even though you know they're not real? Well, this one was like I was totally calm and like...oh sure, let's try it this way instead and it wasn't like I was panicking and trying to figure out what to do or how to survive.

So I crawl through this building, reach the back and crawl out and there's this large building that I climb up on and get up on the second level and kinda inch my way along the ledge until I can find an opening to get in. In the meantime, the killer has spotted me and is trying to climb up where I'm at to get me, but they can't reach me, but something they're doing is messing with the integrity of the structure, so it's making me really unsteady and just as I'm about to lose my balance, whatever they were doing pulls off a piece of the structure and I can see down into this building and I see some kind of concrete pond with water in one end of the building and for some reason I think...oh yeah, in the dream before, thats where they dump the bodies....I wonder how this dream is going to turn out since I changed the scenario a bit......

And then I woke up.

I woke up thinking. Oooh. That was REALLY weird. And all day, I keep thinking....Oooh. That was really weird.

I don't think i've ever had deja'dream before. Not like that anyways...typically when I know I'm in a recurring nightmare, the same things always happen and it freaks me out every time....this one was totally the opposite. It was like I could change the outcome and it didn't worry me.

Probably a deep meaning to that, but I am way too tired to dig into it right now.

Me and my rumbly tummy are going off to bed now. Hopefully to NOT have any more strange dreams. LOL.


  1. I don't often remember dreams. When I do, they are always really odd, kind of reality mixed with fantasy.

  2. Wierd. You should probably go be checked out or something. *LOL* Just kidding! I think they call it lucid dreaming when you can change the outcome of a dream. My dreams never make sense, but I don't have nightmares to often. Thank the Lord!!

  3. Yeah, def bring that up at your next visit with your therapist. ;-) You know how the flu/cold/virus bugs warp those brain cells!

  4. Okay... this huge part of me wants to play therapist right now!! LOL!! But I'll wait til ater I get my license! LOL!! I hope you are dreamless tonight, well not dreamless... because if you don't dream then you're... well anyway. Have normal dreams tonight! :)

  5. Jules9:06 PM

    I dream almost every night. And later down in actual life, I'll be like...I've been here before and can remember dreaming about it. It's crazy! But I really do have in depth dreams and can remember every little detail in them the next morning. I did have a nightmare last night about something that had already happened to me earlier Wed. But it kept reaccuring in my dream. I seldom dream about what happened to me during the same day (as it is night), but I've done it twice this week. Sounds rather scary having nightmares about killers chasing you!!! Hope you're sleeping sounder. :o)


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