Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Super? Nah. Fat? Not really. Just Tuesday.

I'm not really following all that election stuff....I know enough to make me dangerous, that's about it.

And the whole...what is it...Mardi Gras? or whatever thing? Nah, not really into that either.

And one thing I'm REALLY not into....people using the last bit of toilet paper and not putting more in the bathroom, making a person have to put down the laptop and....ahem....make a run for the supply cabinet down the hall. Just SAYIN.

So what AM I into? Oh, I don't know. Not much of anything. Just reading my friends blogs and putting the kids to bed and all that stuff. And Dr. Pepper.

I finally caved on Monday (yesterday) and brought a two liter ($.99) out of the back of the car (it was destined for the house, but it didn't quite make it) in to work at lunch. And while I was out to lunch, I got a cup of ice. So now I just take ice....which is free....and I've drank the last two days on that $.99 bottle of tha pepper and I should be able to get at least one more day, if not two, out of that bottle. That saves me....oh I don't know how much. Let's see....I was buying at least 2 cans out of the machine at .65 per can plus 1.29 for a drink at lunch. I don't feel like doing math right now. Anyways. I feel good. About not doing math AND about saving money on tha pepper. Ahhhhhh.

Let's see, what else? Oh, last night us girls got together for supper and let the kids play over at KR's again. Us girls worked on bloggy stuff (well, it ended up being me and K since D had to leave early, but we coerced D into leaving her bloggy info with us so that we could get into her account after she left). Me and K had a blast picking out new stuff for her blog (D) and redecorating it. It made me kinda itchy to do mine again. What is it about seeing redecorated blogs that gives you a craving to ditch your perfectly good design for a new one....even when you are still happy with the old one???? Ugh. I hate that. So now I'm contemplating some new design-y stuff. Sometime. The good news is that I've done it enough now, that I'm getting pretty quick at it....pick a couple of papers and elements and a few clicks and it's up on the blog. Sweet.

Hold please, while I grab another sip of Dr. Pepper. Ahhhhh. Not that you missed me, but I'm back now and that was yummy.


I really envy folks whose blog entries are well thought out and extremely understandable....half the time I don't even understand my ramblings.

Speaking of things I don't understand...I had a REALLY strange dream this morning. I have no idea now what it was except that I woke up thinking...."Wow. That was different." I should have wrote it down when I woke up.

And on the waking up....I hear something from the back of the house...I better go check. Yeah, that was the K-man. He rolled over. He is so fussy. He can't roll over without crying. It's only 10:52....he's been in bed for almost 2 hours. This does not bode well for our night. Good thing it's KC's night. LOL!!!

Well, I guess there's always more that could be said, but I want to go ahead and get off here so I can go through some of my clothes. S&N have a new one now (Shygirl) who is 12 and not too much smaller than me, so I'm going to go see if I have any skirts that will fit her. N said she doesn't have much to wear to church, and of course, they wouldn't *make* her wear skirts, she could wear pants if she wanted, I'm sure, but that's a tough age and I'm sure she'll feel less like an outsider if she has some skirts for church. Bless her heart, her case was in court the day I was there for K-man and I heard a lot of the goings on.....and then when we spent a little time with S&N (and family) on Sunday evening, I found out she had gotten new braces and the bubblegum apparatus in the roof of her mouth on Thursday...the same day the court decided to take her away from her current living situation and move her to a new family. So not only is she dealing with the new situation, but I'm sure her mouth was probably giving her fits, too. Poor child. She does seem like a sweet girl. She will do good with S&N, I think. But I do feel bad for her past. It's sad. It makes me want to reach out to the older foster kids a little more. But not right now....my hands are full right now. LOL.

Like I said...I'm getting off now to see what is in my closet.



  1. Jules9:29 AM

    I think you're saving about $1.60 a day on that Dr. Pepper. Thanks for drinking some for me, but it still didn't take my craving from me. So last night, I went out with my Mom and Sis. and splurged on a Dr. Pepper. And yes, I made sure drink up the cup and get a refill before I left. And thanks to the styrofoam (sp?) cup, I still have ice and it is still good this morning. *mmm* :o)

  2. Not following the election at all, either. I was too unAmerican and unInspired to vote yesterday. For shame!

  3. I know about the whole Dr Pepper thing. I haven't been drinking as many DCs and I saving all kinds of money!! I WILL have one today though - just try to stop me!! :)


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