Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Playing in Photoshop

Frankly, I think KC makes a better ObiWan than I make a Padme. LOL. But it was fun to play anyways.
I needed a little play after all the professional developing that was inflicted on me today.
After the final session (Take This Job and LOVE It --- yeah, well....i'd say what I'm thinking but it wouldn't be very positive or professional I guess).......
So I'll just say....I was ready to go home. HAHA. She was a pretty good speaker, I do have to give her that. She had a quiz to tell how close to burn out you are....I was in full burn. Actually, I think I'm really just a pile of ashes, people....done burst into flames, burned out, and just a heap of ashes left of me. *sigh*
Sooon. VERY soon. Just a matter of months. If this pile of ashes can make it that long without blowing away like dust in the wind. LOL =)
Oh yeah, and did I mention that I forgot to take my medicine this morning that makes me NOT want to kill people????? And I had to go spend the day with all the kooks. WOOHOO. How's THAT for motivating? Are you motivated to get me committed yet? LOL.
Well, I'm really sleepy and tired and I'm going to bed now.


  1. Oh my goodness!! That is kinda scary...the picture that is. Although now that I think about it works sounds that way too. Hopefully there is some little spark left in your pile of ashes. Maybe a Dr.Pepper would help you reignite??? *LOL* I love ya!!!

  2. hey sister i like the new you. i love the picture.i love ya

  3. Anonymous8:54 AM

    SOMEONE's not wearing their "Take this job and love it" button!! Hand it over............... Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
    Hey....btw.......who you calling a kook???????
    Love the pic.......
    looks like your evil twin!!!

  4. That looks like my floor underneath the necklace thingy-ma- bob. Did you do that for modesty's sake or is it really like that? I am totally Star Wars illiterate! I have to say...you are talented! I am glad you didn't kill anyone.

  5. Okay... THIS is really funny! ROFL!! Frame it!!

  6. LOL!!! The only thing I did to this picture was put my face in it....I tried to choose a picture that wasn't completely immodest...LOL. Sis T, it only LOOKS like your floor. LOL. It is a pretty funny picture.

  7. I like the white outfit better.

  8. "KC said...
    I like the white outfit better."


  9. Anonymous12:11 PM



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