Friday, February 22, 2008

My Little Dreamer

7:08am 2.22.08

{munchkin stumbles sleepily into my room where I'm getting ready for work}

"Hi mommy. I had good dreams."
"Really? That's good. What did you dream about?"
"Fish. And whales. It was good."
"That's great, honey. I'm glad you had good dreams."

Ah. She's going to grow up just like me. LOL.


  1. How sweet. :)

    (PS I sometimes dream of fish and stuff... but that's me usually craving sushi. :)

    I think Munchkin's dreams are mouch better than mine.

  2. Hey tell the the little one I hope she has more good dreams!! LOL!:)
    This is Sprinkle


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