Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Messages (The Last Minute Edition)

Dear Bedtime,
Wait. Just another minute....I have a few messages to write.
Tired WebSurfer

Dear History,
Why must things change so? As I spent the evening surfing myspace (after one of our social workers informed us that one of our kids birthmothers had a very "interesting" myspace and I checked it out and then kept looking up people on there to see who I could find) I could have cried looking at how people have changed so much....and some not for the better. I feel like I'm in some kind of warp....everything around me is twisted in change and I'm still pretty much the same. Why is that? And why is that so hard for me to accept? I like change. It's not that. Ya know that old sayin: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" --- well, sometimes I think people tried to fix it when it wasn't broken, only now it IS broken and there's no interest in fixing it back. Sad. And I'm not just talking about people. I don't know. I'm just rambling I guess. Sorry, history. I know you really don't care. Just thought I'd tell ya about it anyways.
Wishing I could Turn Back Time

Dear Munchkin,
Know how I was so proud of ya last Message day? Well, I'm still proud of ya, but do you have to keep having these weird days at school where you decide you're going to backtalk to the teachers and hit your brother and do everything else that you're not supposed to do? And then calmly inform me when you get home that you should go to time out? That is not how consequences work around here, little lady. If you're comfortable with it, it's not a good consequence. Kinda like the candy episode last night!?!? That consequence backfired on me. See, when you eat that much candy at one time, you're supposed to get a bellyache. That would have helped you understand that when mommy curbs the candy, she's really doing it for your own good. So why, then, did MOMMY get the bellyache after eating ONE PIECE while you ate the entire valentine assortment and then bounced off the walls without any trouble at all????? Mommy is NOT happy about that. Please do better tomorrow and trust me when I tell you that mommy is NOT going to let you have that much candy at one time'll just have think I'm mean.
Mean Mommy

Dear Job, (that's Jaaahhhb, not joooobe)
Yes, I'm talking about you, my dear work, not the biblical dude on Satan's hit list. I'm not really happy with you these days. And it's not so much the duties you require of it is the people you require me to work with. Yes. I know. I'm Lucy (like in Peanuts) but I can't help it. These people. Are driving. Me. CRAZY. Thank HEAVENS my office is down the hall from where it used to least now I'm SLIGHLY separated from the insanity that is my job.
And don't worry, I'll be more than slightly separated before much longer if all goes well. Rest assured, I'm counting down the days!!!!
Not Loving You Anymore

Dear Sick,
Get OUT already. Leave poor KC alone. And don't come after me and the kids either. You have definitely overstayed your welcome in the Always house. Actually, one minute was too long. And you've been here WAYYYYYY longer than that. I'm sick of being sick. I'm sick of my family being sick. I'm sick of cleaning up sick. I'm sick of medicine. I'm sick of ALL OF IT. SO GET LOST.
VERY sincerely,
HATING YOU (Cuz you're right up there with the devil on the list of things we're allowed to hate)

Dear Blog Readers,
Why didn't someone say you're tired of the song that I had on here for like EVER. I changed b/c my friend had a cool playlist and I wanted to be like her, so I change it and then next thing I know, my own mother comes to me and says something along the lines of "Thank GOODNESS. I was getting downright SICK of that other song. And I liked it before you had it on your blog for so long." ROFL. Thanks, Mom. Why didn't someone tell me that sooner? I do care about what ya'll think ya know. Well, mostly. HAHA. Love you guys! =) Anyways...enjoy the new music. I like it. If you don't, then just go turn it off. I won't get offended...actually, I won't even know it. Especially if you don't tell me. *grin*
Much Love,

Dear Morning,
You are going to come way too soon. I can feel it. *sigh* I guess I should go to sleep before you get here, huh?
Not a Morning Person


  1. Amazing Grace is timeless to me. Allot of times my speakeras are turned down anyways. I forget there is music an the blogs. I just don't turn on the speakers in the mornings. Hang in there. We are rebuking SICK for you. There will be better days, thats a promise. I missed you this weekend and thought of youall often.
    Lots of love
    sis. T

  2. i love the song.and we are Praying for you all to get to feeling better. i love ya


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