Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Messages (another random edition)

Dear Allergist....
Yikes...why are there such things as 1pm appointments for those of the age of napping. Wouldn't you think it was going to be a fun visit ANYWAYS when you have to poke the poor kid with 24 little needles, without adding the cranky napless factor to the mix??? Whew. I hope you weren't thinking that all those tantrums he was throwing were a result of my (lack of) parenting skills. Not that I care if you think that or not, but just so you know, he had a very good reason for his behavior. And I had a very good reason for putting him to bed 2 hours early tonight. LOL. Like the reason that he was driving me crazy with the cranky factor. LOL.
Happy that he's not allergic to any of the common allergens....

(not so) Dear work,
Ask me if I really want to go in again tomorrow. No, you don't even have to ask. I'll just tell ya. NOOOOOOO.
The human in Office 167 (I think--about the office part that is...not the human part....ROFL)

Dear hubby,
Hmmmmm....can't say that on here., can't say that either....LOL. Okay how bout just a simple, "I love you" and "You're the best" and "I'm so lucky." know. That pretty much sums it up.
Love you forever,
Your Dory

Dear Sheriff,
Never! Yew must CHEWS, Sheriff Woody! HOW shall she die? Shark or death by MONKEYYYYY?
-Evil Doctor Porkchop

Dear car,
Hey...are you happy? I had a few spare minutes this afternoon so I cleaned all those nasty little juice splashes and mud marks off your seats. I even wiped you down with a bit of Armor All after I cleaned you up. WOOHOO. Yay for you! I'd ask you to keep it clean, but I know it's not really your fault. Those two adorable little munchkins that ride back there just can't control their messy natures. Oh well. Just forgive me for not doing it sooner. You did look pretty pathetic before I took care of business. LOL.
Your Neglectful Owner (the other owner isn't quite so neglectful)

Dear Munchkin,
I find it pretty disturbing that when I picked you up from school this afternoon, the first thing you said when you opened the car door was "OOOOH, mommy, you cleaned the car!!!! It's BOOTIFUL!" Couldn't you at least have taken longer than 3 seconds to notice? Then maybe I wouldn't feel so bad about the state we allowed it to reach before it got cleaned. YOW.

Dear K-man,
Actually, I find it pretty impressing that you didn't throw MORE tantrums with everything you had to put up with today. I tried to be understanding, but honestly, if I had been in your shoes, I probably would have been grumpier. So I couldn't really get mad at you. My poor little guy. I'm sorry you had to get all stuck up (with needles that is). But I'm really glad you're not allergic to all those things. And I'm pretty impressed with how fast you recovered. Course, the three pouches of candy, I had the foresight to bring along, probably sped up the process, but you know. Sleep well tonight, buddy. All night, if you please....and quietly, okay? Thanks!

Dear Blogland,
I'm going to bed now.


  1. Hmmmm...glad that someone's car is squeaky clean cause mine sure isn't!

    Sounds like today was a full-day. Hope you all sleep well today!

  2. Dear Faith,

    Will you clean my car?

    Dear car,

    I asked Faith if she would help you out.

    Dear Bed,

    I'm on my way. :)

  3. Dear Amy,
    Yes, we all slept well...K-man slept for a straight 12 do you like THAT? I can tell ya how I liked it....A LOT!!! HAHA. Thanks for your comment.

    Dear Rochelle,
    I'd be happy to, but unfortunately, my arms aren't that long....I can't quite reach your car from here. *GRIN*

    Dear Rochelle's car,
    Maybe if you're really sweet, you can get Rochelle to clean you. *GRIN* LOL.

  4. Dear Faith -

    I've tried, but I think I have made it to the very bottom of Rochelle's priority list.


    Rochelle's car

  5. Wow, what a busy day! :o) Poor K-man for having to get stuck so many times. I can imagine what he went through b/c I've been there. And I can imagine the fits he had to throw b/c of it b/c I hear screaming kids every day! :o) Glad to hear he slept so well though! Plus for K-man..and mommy and daddy.. :o) My car needs cleaned out (again) too, want to go into the cleaning car business?


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