Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bloggy Update

Okay...I finally gave in and updated the ol blog. It's not a complete revision, but it is updated just a bit. The pink stuff is from the Strawberry Lemonade free Kit from Jessica Sprague, the brown polkadots are from Rhonna Farrar Free Love (2peas) kit and the previous elements recolored from ScrapWithNikki's Kaitlyn Mini Kit.

It was time. As much as I loved the way the old picture of me looked like I was leaning against the title, that picture was almost, or maybe even over, a year old...LOL. I guess I'll have to bribe someone into taking a more current picture of me leaning against something that I can cut myself out of again....LOL. In the meantime, this will have to work.

Sorry to all you pink haters out there...I know it's girly and all but I like it. And after all...I am kinda a GIRL. LOL.

Anyways, this took up all my posting power for one evening, so you'll have to just pretend this was a deep and thought provoking (or insert other description of your choice) post that made your day....and then you can leave me a lovely comment to thank me and go on your merry way, knowing that you have returned the favor and made MY day. (HAHAHA...don't you LOVE my logic?)


  1. Okay....I know who you were aiming that "pink hater" comment at!! *LOL* And I freely admit that I do hate most shades of pink, but your blog is very cute and very you. And I love the new pic. By the way, I got a call about the "Be a Friend" and I'm now approved. So...whenever your ready!! Love ya lots!!

  2. Diggin' your groovy new blog design. The polka dots rock!

  3. Faith,
    Wish I were that talented. Hope you have a marvelous day in the Lord!

    PS You inspire me wether you post or not, just by being you.

  4. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Nice is not the word here. Like it. Love it. Especially the brown and pink with pokieDots. :o) Love the new skirt too! Can I have a copy of the pattern? I promise not to make it EXACTLY like yours. :oP *lol* -jules

  5. yes, I know! I am way behind on the picture thing and now my hubby is sick so it will be even longer. SORRY!

  6. hey i like the new look. and i like all of the pink. love ya


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